Charlestown (VA) Free Press, “Fugitive Slave,” April 5, 1860

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    “Fugitive Slave,” Charlestown (VA) Free Press, April 5, 1860, p. 2: 4.
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    Charlestown Free Press
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    Fugitive Slave
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    Don Sailer, Dickinson College
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    Moses Horner, a negro fugitive, the property of Mr. CHARLES T. BUTLER, of this county, was lodged in our jail on Friday last. – He was brought from Philadelphia. He had been arrested and taken before Judge Cadwalader. The counsel for the negro contended that there was not satisfactory proof of identity, but Judge Cadwalader decided differently. The Judge rebuked the latitudinarian tendency of the argument indulged in by the counsel in their argument, and in conclusion, he remanded the negro to the custody of the Marshal, to be delivered to the claims.

    This decision caused great applause, which, however was promptly checked. – Much excitement prevailed with the negro population, and an attempt to rescue him, but the police succeeded in preventing a rescue. We have not room for [details?].

    Mr. Butler requested us to say, that he was highly gratified with the official conduct of the authorities of Philadelphia.

    The cost in reclaiming the negro amounts to about [illegible], whilst, perhaps, his owner will not realize over two hundred dollars of that sum.

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