George Davenport Chenoweth to Robert Emory, June 23, 1847

    Source citation
    George D. Chenoweth to Robert Emory, June 23, 1847, Robert Emory Papers, Dickinson College Archives and Special Collections, Carlisle, PA.
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    Chenoweth, George D.
    Date Certainty
    Peter Lake, Dickinson College

    The following text is presented here in complete form, as it originally appeared in print. Spelling and typographical errors have been preserved as in the original.


    June 23rd.

    Dear Bro

    I have sent you the Warrenton Flag, [illegible] [what?] you will find a [piece?] in reference to the late riot in Carlisle. I thought best to send it to you & if this be [untrue?] that is charged to [professor?] McClintock it [ought?] too be contradicted. I would mention [him?] [illegible] or that two weeks ago this same paper published a letter [illegible] Prof. McClintock from all [illegible] [illegible] by all the southern students. The Editor of this paper is a southern Methodist & this is a [illegible] of their [sender/tender?] [illegible] towards us. I thought I would send you this & leave it to your own judgment what course to pursue.

    As ever yours,
    G. D. Chenoweth

    NB We are too far away from the scene of action to know the truth in the matter.

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