Springfield Illinois Journal, "Fusion," August 31, 1854

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    "Fusion," Springfield Illinois Journal, August 31, 1854, p. 2: 2
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    Springfield Illinois Journal
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    Matthew Pinsker
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    That seems to be the game word with the Register just now.  "Fusion."  A few weeks ago, the editor bawled himself hoarse with the cry of "abolitionism" --hoping that would keep the timid from breaking old party lines.  But they go --hurrah boys-- democrats, whigs, and free soilers-- all in a strong team against Nebraska, as we have seen over in Iowa.  The editor is horror struck and his potent charge of "abolitionism" don't ring out as it used to.  Still he is alive and moving about.  It's very little noise he makes, but there's a feeble, harmless hissing some where --night and morning we hear it-- "fusion," "fusion," "fusion."  What a delightful word! --no wonder he likes to suck at it.
    But while the Register is hissing away at the "fusionists," wouldn't they like to see some fusing going on their side?  Perhaps they don't remember the great master-policy stroke of the adminsitraton when Frank Pierce tried to "fuse" the free soilers and the barn burners to the democracy by giving them offices?  "He failed," did he?  Well, we know it, and don't feel sorry about it either.  But now, neighbor, how does it look in you, to go whining and canting about, because other folks take to "fusing" as well as yourself?  Lately, we notice that you and the St. Louis Republican are fusing together very lovingly, and we expect Douglas will soon be down to dance at your wedding.  Then Linder --the great eloquent Linder-- has been "fusing" with your party, and we wonder you are not better satisfied, or give yourself so much concern about our "fusing" propensities.  Never mind, hiss away at the "fusionists" and remember how Capt. Pierce and Hollins served them at Greytown.  Make ready for shooting
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