George Fechtig to Robert Emory, June 11, 1847

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    George Fechtig to Robert Emory, Hagerstown, MD, June 11, 1847, Robert Emory Papers, Dickinson College Archives and Special Collections, Carlisle, PA.
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    Fechtig, George
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    Peter Lake
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    Hagerstown June 11th 1847

    Rev Robt Emory
    Dr. Brother. In a hasty note I stated I had [illegible] your letter to me at a moment of great excitement by it was [illegible] in a great degree to [illegible] the influence that the enemies of Professor McClintock were making in their statements of his participation in the riot, the [most?] letter, did not know how to [illegible] of your letter they concluded you must have been deceived by some one., The comments of the Students will appear in the papers of our town next week at least those that published the riot. The Balto Sun of today has published it, and it has produced quite a change in favor of Profs McClintock. I pray he may be unharmed by the [illegible] unexpected proceeding. The “Torch Ligh, in its notion of the affair out [Herold Herod?]; I [illegible] you have read the copy I sent you; We are in doubt whether Bro McClintock was arrested and held to bail will you [illegible] us, I have not seen the Testimony of the [illegible] what was taken down by JD Roman Eye & others at the examination, but it is said to be very story. On the article of the “Torch Light. Seems to have been based upon it, I shall take pleasure in doing what I can to arrest the evil intended Proff McClintock the College and the Church
    Yours Affectionately
    George Fechtig

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