Thomas Garrett to William Still, February 5, 1858

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    William Still, The Underground Rail Road (Philadelphia: Porter & Coates, 1872), 445.
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    Michael Blake
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    WILMINGTON, 2 MO. 5TH, 1858.

    ESTEEMED FRIEND: - WILLIAM STILL: - I have information of 6 able-bodied men that are expected here to-morrow morning; they may, to-morrow afternoon or evening, take the cars at Chester, and most likely reach the city between 11 and 12 at night; they will be accompanied by a colored man that has lived in Philadelphia and is free; they may think it safer to walk to the city than to go in the cars, but for fear of accident it may be best to have some one at the cars to look out for them. I have not seen them yet, and cannot certainly judge what will be best. I gave a man 3 dollars to bring those men 15 miles to-night, and I have been two miles in the country this afternoon, and gave a colored man 2 dollars to get provisions to feed them. Hoping all will be right, I remain thy friend,


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