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Military/Violent U.S. forces defeat a large Mexican contingent at Palo Alto in Texas
Battles/Soldiers General Taylor gains celebrity with early victory against Mexicans at Resaca de la Palma
Lawmaking/Litigating Congress declares war with Mexico following attacks on US forces in disputed Texas border areas
Battles/Soldiers General Taylor's forces occupy Matamoros
Religion/Philosophy Trinity Church is dedicated in New York City
US/the World Louis Napoleon Bonaparte escapes from prison in France
Science/Technology Rubber tire for carriage wheels patented in England
US/the World British parliament votes to repeal the Corn Laws
Education/Culture First baseball game under the new code is played in Hoboken, New Jersey
Carlisle/Dickinson Spencer Fullerton Baird is appointed full professor of natural history at Dickinson College
Foreign Danish King Christian VIII denounces Prussian attempts to foster independence movements in Schleswig and Holstein
Dickinsonian Dickinson College holds annual commencement ceremonies
Lawmaking/Litigating United States Senate confirms Robert Grier's appointment to the Supreme Court
Education/Culture Congress incorporates Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC
Lawmaking/Litigating The 29th Congress ends its first session in Washington, DC
Legal/Political The second session of the 28th Congress opens in Washington, DC
Lawmaking/Litigating The second session of the 29th Congress opens in Washington, DC
Lawmaking/Litigating - The second session of the 29th Congress is sitting in Washington, DC between early December, 1846 and early March, 1847
US/the World The United States and New Granada (today Colombia) sign the Bidlack Treaty
Lawmaking/Litigating Iowa joins the Union as a free state
Personal William Still is hired by the Pennsylvania Society for the Abolition of Slavery
Foreign King Frederick Wilhelm IV of Prussia appoints an assembly to participate in the law-making process
Lawmaking/Litigating Michigan abolishes the death penalty
Lawmaking/Litigating In Washington DC, the 29th Congress of the United States finishes its term and adjourns
Legal/Political - Abraham Lincoln serves a single term in the United States House of Representatives
Legal/Political - Stephen A. Douglas serves in the United States Senate
Personal Stephen A. Douglas marries Martha Martin in North Carolina
Education/Culture The first state reformatory for boys authorized in Massachusetts
Education/Culture Chinese students arrive in the United States
Religion/Philosophy First Bohemian-American church in the country opens in St. Louis