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Personal Gustavus Vasa Fox is born in Saugus, Massachusetts
Personal William Still is born in Medford, New Jersey
Personal Harriet Tubman is born
Personal John H. Addams is born in Sinking Springs, Pennsylvania
Carlisle/Dickinson Spencer Fullerton Baird is born in Reading, Pennsylvania
Personal Joseph Medill is born near Saint John, Canada
Legal/Political Roger Taney becomes Secretary of the Treasury due to the Bank War
Personal William Walker is born in Nashville, Tennessee
Personal Leonard Swett is born in Turner, Maine
Legal/Political Roger Taney becomes State Attorney General for Maryland
Personal Alexander McClure is born in Sherman’s Valley, Pennsylvania
Personal Robert Grier marries Isabella Cooper
Personal Shelby Moore Cullom is born in Wayne County, Kentucky
Legal/Political Roger Taney becomes Attorney General of the United States
Personal Theophilus Lyle Dickey marries Juliet Evans
Personal - John McClintock attends the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia
Legal/Political Senate confirms James Buchanan's appointment as minister to Russia
Personal Moncure Conway is born in Stafford County, Virginia
Personal John Brown's first wife dies in August 1832
Personal Grier is appointed judge of the District Court of Allegheny County
Personal John Brown marries Mary Ann Day
Personal Robert Roberts Hitt is born in Urbana, Ohio
Personal Anthony Burns is born in Stafford County, Virginia
Personal Horace White is born in Colebrook, New Hampshire
Legal/Political James Buchanan enters the United States Senate
Legal/Political Roger Taney becomes Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
Personal Adele Cutts Douglas is born in Washington, DC
Personal Gustave Philipp Koerner marries Sophie Engelmann
Personal Horace Greeley marries Mary Youngs Cheney in Warrenton, North Carolina
Personal McKim becomes a member of the Pennsylvania Anti-Slavery Society