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Personal William H. Bissell is born in Hartwick, New York
Personal Robert Grier enters Dickinson College
Personal Theophilus Lyle Dickey born in Bourbon County, Kentucky
Personal James Buchanan is admitted to the Pennsylvania Bar
Personal Stephen A. Douglas is born in Brandon, Vermont
Personal Isaac Cook is born in Long Branch, New Jersey
Personal Lyman Trumbull is born in Colchester, Connecticut
Personal David Wilmot is born in Bethany, Pennsylvania
Personal Ozias Mather Hatch is born in Hillsborough, New Hampshire
Personal John McClintock is born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Legal/Political James Buchanan enters the Pennsylvania House of Representatives
Personal John Wentworth is born in Sandwich, New Hampshire
Personal David Davis is born in Cecil County, Maryland
Personal Andrew Gregg Curtin is born in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania
Personal Roger Taney manumits his slaves
Personal Roger Taney enters the Maryland senate
Personal Elihu Washburne is born in Livermore, Maine
Personal Thomas Langrell Harris is born in Norwich, Connecticut
Personal Robert Grier is admitted to the Pennsylvania bar
Personal John McAuley Palmer is born in Eagle Creek, Scott County, Kentucky
Personal John W. Forney is born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Personal Charles Lush Wilson is born in Fairfield County, Connecticut
Personal Mary Lincoln is born in Lexington, Kentucky
Personal William Herndon is born in Greensburg, Kentucky
Legal/Political Roger Taney defends abolitionist minister Jacob Gruber against charges of inciting a slave riot.
Personal John Courts Bagby is born in Glasgow, Kentucky
Personal Burton Chauncey Cook is born in Pittsford, New York
Personal James Buchanan's fiancée dies
Personal William Danenhower is born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Personal John Brown marries Dianthe Lusk