Vicksburg Campaign

Note Cards


Date Event
05/17/1863 At the Big Black River Bridge, Union troops sweep aside a blocking force covering the Confederate retreat to Vicksburg
05/18/1863 On the Mississippi, the Union's Army of the Tennessee completely surrounds Vicksburg
05/19/1863 The Union's Army of the Tennessee attempts the storming of Vicksburg but is beaten back
05/22/1863 Second Union attempt to take Vicksburg by infantry assault ends in bloody failure with 500 dead
05/22/1863 Twenty-nine year old Union Brigade commander George Boomer dies at the head of his troops
05/24/1863 The Union Army's Marine Brigade burns the town of Austin, Mississippi for sheltering rebel forces
05/25/1863 After twice failing to storm the city, Union General Grant orders a siege at Vicksburg, Mississippi
05/26/186307/03/1863 In Mississippi, the Siege of Vicksburg continues
05/27/1863 Off Vicksburg, the U.S.S. Cincinnati is sunk with heavy losses as six men win Medals of Honor
06/18/1863 General Ulysses S. Grant fires his troublesome and ambitious subordinate, James A. McClernand
06/25/1863 At Vicksburg, a large mine is exploded under defenses but an attempt at a Union breakthrough fails
07/04/1863 After forty-seven days of intense siege, Vicksburg surrenders to Grant's Army of the Tennessee
07/04/1863 At the port town of Helena, Arkansas, defenders inflict heavy losses on a Confederate assault
07/08/1863 With the Mississippi River open again to traffic, the steamboat Imperial departs St Louis for New Orleans
07/13/1863 Union troops occupy Natchez, Mississippi, further ensuring the opening of the Mississippi River
07/16/1863 The steamboat Imperial arrives in New Orleans from St. Louis, the first since early 1861