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Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1854, detail
The city is built on a broad level point of land, between the two rivers, and is enclosed by hills, which are filled with bituminous coal. This constitutes the fuel for the vast number of factories, the tall chimneys of which bristle the town, belching black clouds of smoke, that darken the air and stain the houses a dusky hue. In point of beauty, therefore, Pittsburgh has little that is attractive ; yet there is something interesting in the concentration of industry and enterprise which this dark city exhibits... The population in 1800, was 1,565; in 1810, 4,768 ; in 1820, 7,248; in 1830, 12,542 ; in 1840, 21,115 ; in 1850, 46,601. (Fanning's, 1853)


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