Fugitive Slave Law

Note Cards


Date Event
10/19/1850 First fugitive slave case in Philadelphia under new federal law
02/15/1851 Mob frees fugitive Shadrach Minkins after his arrest in Boston
09/08/1851 Edward Gorsuch arrives in Philadelphia seeking warrants for his runaways
09/09/1851 Commissioner Ingraham grants warrants for Gorsuch slaves and appoints Kline to head posse
05/24/1854 Anthony Burns is arrested in Boston as a fugitive slave
05/26/1854 Abolitionists meet at Faneuil Hall, Boston to protest the arrest of Anthony Burns
06/01/1855 Anthony Burns begins his education at Oberlin College in Oberlin, Ohio
05/26/1857 A fugitive named Addison nearly kills slave-catchers while running in Illinois
02/21/1858 John Kintzing Kane, the U.S. District Judge who ruled against Passmore Williamson in the Jane Johnson case, dies in Philadelphia
03/19/1858 Governor Banks of Massachusetts signs the order removing Judge Edward Greely Loring as Judge of Probate for Suffolk County
09/13/1858 Fugitive slave John Price arrested in Oberlin, Ohio but freed by a anti-slavery mob in nearby Wellington
11/25/1858 Vermont passes a new Personal Liberty Law
03/07/1859 Roger Taney issues decision in Ableman v. Booth
04/01/1859 Alleged fugitive slave arrested in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and sent that evening to Philadelphia
04/04/185904/05/1859 The fugitive slave case of Daniel Dangerfield from Harrisburg causes popular excitement in Philadelphia
04/05/1859 The first trial of the Oberlin-Wellington slave rescuers opens in federal court in Cleveland, Ohio
04/06/1859 In Philadelphia, the U.S. Commissioner frees Harrisburg alleged fugitive slave Daniel Dangerfield
04/06/185904/14/1859 The federal trial of Oberlin-Wellington rescuer Simeon Bushnell continues in Cleveland, Ohio
04/15/1859 Oberlin-Wellington rescuer Simeon Bushnell is found guilty in a Cleveland federal court
04/18/1859 The trial of Oberlin-Wellington rescuer Charles Langston opens in the federal court in Cleveland, Ohio
04/19/185905/09/1859 The trial of Oberlin-Wellington rescuer Charles Langston continues in the federal court in Cleveland, Ohio
05/08/1859 Fugitive slave stowaway Columbus Jones arrives in chains at Hyannis, Massachusetts
05/09/1859 Fugitive slave stowaway Columbus Jones returned to the South from Massachusetts
05/10/1859 Oberlin-Wellington rescuer Charles Langston is found guilty under the Fugitive Slave Law in Cleveland
05/11/1859 Oberlin-Wellington rescuer Simeon Bushnell is sentenced to sixty days in jail for violation of the Fugitive Slave Law
05/12/1859 Oberlin-Wellington rescuer Charles Langston is sentenced to twenty days in jail
11/18/1859 All defendants in the Columbus Jones kidnapping case acquitted in Massachusetts
01/04/1860 Eight Ottawa, Illinois residents indicted under the Fugitive Slave Law for assisting a slave escape
03/27/1860 Failed rescue in Philadelphia of a Virginia fugitive being returned to slavery
04/09/186004/11/1860 Missouri Democratic Party Convention meets in Jefferson City
04/27/1860 Multi-racial crowd in Troy, New York rescue arrested fugitive slave
04/28/1860 Leading a crowd in Troy, New York, Harriet Tubman rescues runaway Charles Nalle
06/02/1860 Governor of Ohio refuses extradition request of Tennessee for two "negro-stealers"
10/10/1860 In New York City, "fire-eater" William L. Yancey of Alabama speaks at the Cooper Union
05/10/1861 Vermont repeals its Personal Liberty Law
05/19/1862 Maryland slaveholders meet President Lincoln to complain about non-enforcement of Fugitive Slave Act
07/27/1862 Anthony Burns dies in Canada
06/23/1864 In Washington D.C., the U.S. Senate votes to repeal all remaining Federal Fugitive Slave Acts