Liverpool, England

    Place Unit Type
    City or Town
    Containing Unit
    Date Type
    A brand-new British blockade runner sinks in a storm the day she sails from Liverpool, drowning forty-seven people Crime/Disasters
    - All twenty-four passengers aboard a Boston bound ship drown when she hits rocks outside the harbor Crime/Disasters
    American sailing ship sinks in North Atlantic and fifty-three passengers and crew drown Crime/Disasters
    American ship bound for New Orleans founders off the coast of Ireland Crime/Disasters
    American ship burns at Liverpool hours before leaving for New York Crime/Disasters
    An American emigrant ship is wrecked on the Irish coast with almost 400 lives lost Crime/Disasters
    Another steamer is sunk in the Bay of Biscay but this time all aboard are saved. Crime/Disasters
    British captain and two of his men recapture the Emily St. Pierre from its U.S. Navy prize crew US/the World
    British Government seizes a newly-built schooner under the Foreign Enlistment Act US/the World
    British passenger ship hits the Nova Scotia coast and is lost along with twenty-seven lives Crime/Disasters
    British ship Emily St. Pierre seized off the South Carolina coast and sent as a prize to Philadelphia US/the World
    Canadian mail steamship lost off Nova Scotia with all two hundred people aboard Crime/Disasters
    Canadian passenger ship wrecks on Nova Scotia coast after crossing Atlantic, all aboard saved Crime/Disasters
    Charles Dickens begins his live reading tour of the United States at the Steinway Hall in Boston. Education/Culture
    Charles Dickens sails from Liverpool for his second visit to the United States. Education/Culture
    Clipper ship bound for Liverpool from Australia hits an iceberg Crime/Disasters
    Crippled clipper ship limps into Valparaiso harbor in Chile after hitting an iceberg Crime/Disasters
    Dickens enthusiasts queue overnight for live reading tickets for his second series of Boston live readings. Education/Culture
    Giant steamer Great Eastern used as troopship as Britain reinforces Canada US/the World
    Hundreds of passengers and crew have a lucky escape when their steamship burns in the Atlantic Crime/Disasters
    In Britain, a nineteen year-old private murders his depot commander and his adjutant with one bullet Crime/Disasters
    In central England, the crash of an excursion train with eight hundred passengers kills ten people Crime/Disasters
    In England, a Greek cargo ship is destroyed in a huge explosion as it prepares to sail from the port of Liverpool. Crime/Disasters
    In Liverpool harbor, a British vessel carrying eleven tons of gunpowder explodes after catching fire Crime/Disasters
    In Liverpool, the news of the interception and seizure of Mason and Slidell reaches England US/the World
    In Maryland, the sailing of the British steamer Somerset inaugurates the Baltimore Liverpool Steamship Line Business/Industry
    Irish fishermen rescue fifteen survivors from wrecked American sailing ship Crime/Disasters
    New British built steamer Oreto arrives in the Bahamas, a secret purchase of the Confederate Navy US/the World
    New decimal standard of weight for grains comes into effect in the Liverpool Corn Exchange Business/Industry
    New York packet wrecked in a snowstorm on the New Jersey shore but all aboard are saved Crime/Disasters
    - Passenger ship bound for Australia catches fire in the South Atlantic, six hundred miles from land Crime/Disasters
    Steamship packed with food bound for the northern English port of Liverpool sinks in a storm in mid-Atlantic Crime/Disasters
    The Alexandra Case, over British neutrality in ship-building, opens in London US/the World
    The Alexandra Case, over British neutrality in ship-building, reaches a verdict in London US/the World
    The British Prime Minister orders the detention of two recently British-built vessels for the Confederacy US/the World
    The Emily St. Pierre, the British ship recaptured from its U.S. Navy prize crew, arrives in Liverpool US/the World
    - The highly influential Association for the Promotion of Social Science holds its second annual meeting in Liverpool, England Cultural
    The U.S. Navy seizes a Confederate raider, now a British civilian vessel, off the coast of Portugal Battles/Soldiers
    The U.S.S. Niagara visits Dover on the English coast to drop off a captured British crew Battles/Soldiers
    Turkish admiral ends his visit to United States Legal/Political
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