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Containing Unit
Date Type
American naturalist and Boy Scout pioneer Ernest Thompson Seton born in northern England Personal
An explosion of sulphur gas kills seven in a coal mine in central England Crime/Disasters
At Epsom in England, the 100-1 colt "Hermit" wins the 88th running of the Derby. Education/Culture
At Epsom in southern England, Macaroni wins the eighty-fourth running of the Derby Education/Culture
At Epsom in southern England, the French horse "Gladiateur" wins the eighty-sixth running of the Derby Education/Culture
Boxer John C. Heenan, "the Benicia Boy," and British champion Tom Sayers fight for a "world championship" Cultural
British clergyman, poet, and founder of the Oxford Movement John Keble dies in southwest England. Religion/Philosophy
British medical researcher Thomas Addison commits suicide at his home in Brighton Science/Technology
British ship bound for Australia with 250 souls aboard sinks in the Bay of Biscay and all but 19 are lost Crime/Disasters
Brunel's Royal Albert Bridge over the Tamar in the west of England is officially opened Science/Technology
Charles Darwin, busy in the preparation of his great work on the origin of species, celebrates his fiftieth birthday Science/Technology
Courteous Spanish diplomat commits suicide in Blenheim Park in England Crime/Disasters
Eight men die in a mining disaster in south-west England. Crime/Disasters
Future British Nobel Prize for Literature laureate John Galsworthy is born in southern England. Personal
Future British prime minister Stanley Baldwin is born in central England. Personal
Giuseppe Garibaldi arrives in England for a month long visit US/the World
Great Britain abolishes the Navigation Acts Business/Industry
Gretna Green cross-border marriages between England and Scotland become more difficult Foreign
Havelock Ellis, pioneer sexologist, is born in England Cultural
Huge gale blowing across southern England kills dozens and destroys the spire of Chichester Cathedral Crime/Disasters
In a unique accident near London, three English freight trains collide inside a tunnel and burn. Crime/Disasters
In central England, another mining accident kills four miners and two pit boys Crime/Disasters
In central England, the crash of an excursion train with eight hundred passengers kills ten people Crime/Disasters
In Connecticut, the new Travellers' Insurance Company sells the country's first travel insurance policy Business/Industry
In England, a serious railway collision kills five people returning from the famous race meeting at Ascot Crime/Disasters
In England, Charles Dodgson gives Alice Liddell a manuscript entitled "Alice's Adventures Underground." Education/Culture
In England, fire damages Blenheim Palace and destroys a priceless Rubens masterpiece Crime/Disasters
In England, George Eliot publishes her new novel Education/Culture
In England, Jem Mace defeats Sam Hurst over eight rounds to win the British bare-knuckle championship Education/Culture
In England, Robert Fitzroy, innovative scientist and Charles Darwin's "Voyage of the Beagle" captain dies by suicide Personal
In England, the day after a mining disaster killed hundreds, 85 more die in an explosion at another pit. Crime/Disasters
In England, the Edinburgh night mail train collides with a goods train and ten men are killed Crime/Disasters
In England, the famous Rugby School celebrates the three hundredth anniversary of its founding. Education/Culture
In England, the horse Blair Athol wins the eighty-fifth running of the Derby Education/Culture
In England, the Marquis of Hastings is fined for organizing cock-fighting at his country seat US/the World
In England, the training of soldiers in loading hand-grenades ends in a fatal explosion Crime/Disasters
In Ireland, George Boole, British mathematician and founder of "Boolean Algebra," dies at his home in Cork Science/Technology
In New York Harbor, the first Great Ocean Yacht Race across the Atlantic begins. Education/Culture
In northern England, a deadly train wreck kills five and injures many more. Crime/Disasters
In northern England, a disastrous fire kills nine school-children in their classroom. Crime/Disasters
In northern England, a mining disaster kills thirty-seven coal miners. Crime/Disasters
In northern England, a railway collision touches off four tons of gunpowder with fatal results. Crime/Disasters
In northern England, British law hangs the last man in its history for the crime of attempted murder Lawmaking/Litigating
In northern England, eleven killed and scores injured in a railway accident US/the World
In northern England, textile manufacturers honor General "Stonewall" Jackson and mourn his death US/the World
In south-east England, a train crash kills ten people but passenger Charles Dickens narrowly survives Crime/Disasters
In southern England, a late night railroad crash kills three and injures many more. Crime/Disasters
In southern England, a small farming village is almost completely destroyed in an afternoon fire Crime/Disasters
In southern England, the Royal Yacht Club fetes the three Great Atlantic Yacht Race participants. Education/Culture
In southern England, two passenger trains collide in a railway tunnel, killing twenty-four and injuring hundreds Crime/Disasters
In southern England, two-time British Prime Minister Lord Palmerston dies, aged 80. US/the World
In the English city of Birmingham, Catholic rioters protest an anti-Catholic meeting Religion/Philosophy
John C. Heenan, "the Benicia Boy," departs for England to fight British champion Tom Sayers Cultural
Juliette Low born in Savannah, Georgia Personal
Mining disaster in England claims the lives of twenty-one men and boys Crime/Disasters
Mining disaster in northern England kills ten coal miners Crime/Disasters
New steamship bound for Canada with British government supplies sinks in a storm in mid-Atlantic Crime/Disasters
North of London, a coal train and cattle train collide resulting in death and serious injuries Crime/Disasters
Off the British coast, the Royal Navy's new ocean going iron warship breaks records at her speed trials US/the World
On the English coast, Sir William Armstrong's latest heavy cannon undergoes successfully tests Science/Technology
- Powerful gales on the English coast cause heavy losses in ships and lives Crime/Disasters
Prince of Wales begins his undergraduate career at Oxford University US/the World
Queen Victoria and President Buchanan exchange telegraph messages over the new Atlantic Cable. Science/Technology
Scientists clash at Oxford University in the first debates on Charles Darwin's theories of evolution Science/Technology
- Severe winter gales pound the coasts of the British Isles for three days Crime/Disasters
Ship transporting livestock explodes off the eastern coast of England and thirteen men die Crime/Disasters
Tennyson's newly published Idylls of the King selling strongly in England Education/Culture
The Duchess of Kent, mother of the reigning Queen Victoria, dies at her home near Windsor US/the World
The first Great Ocean Yacht Race across the Atlantic ends at the Isle of Wight in the English Channel. Education/Culture
The newly purchased Confederate ship "Rappahannock" slips out of its English Channel port at midnight Battles/Soldiers
The newly-wed Prince and Princess of Wales dedicate the new building of the British Orphan's Asylum US/the World
The Prince of Wales prepares to sail on his tour of Canada and the United States US/the World
The Prince of Wales sails from Plymouth Sound for his tour of Canada and the United States US/the World
- William Wordsworth's private library of three thousand volumes sold at auction in England Cultural
Burial Place of
Name Type
Bristol, England City or Town
Cambridge, England City or Town
Carlisle, England City or Town
Devon, England County
Exeter, England City or Town
Herefordshire, England City or Town
Kent, England County
Lancashire, England County
Leicester, England City or Town
Liverpool, England City or Town
Manchester, England City or Town
Norfolk, England County
Northumberland, England County
Portsmouth, England City or Town
Sheffield, England City or Town
Southampton, England City or Town
Stratford on Avon, England City or Town
Surrey, England County
Windsor, England City or Town
Wolverhampton, England City or Town
York, England City or Town
Yorkshire County
Date Title
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