Thomas C. Sharp to Ozias Mather Hatch, August 11, 1858

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    Thomas C. Sharp to Ozias Mather Hatch, August 11, 1858, Warsaw, IL, Abraham Lincoln Papers at the Library of Congress,
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    Sharp, Thomas C.
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    Transcribed by the Lincoln Studies Center, Knox College, Galesburg, IL
    Adapted by Don Sailer, Dickinson College
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    This letter was enclosed in Ozias Mather Hatch to Abraham Lincoln, August 17, 1858.

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    The following transcript has been adapted from the Abraham Lincoln Papers at the Library of Congress.

    Warsaw August 11 1858

    Friend Hatch--

    I suppose you would like to hear what we are doing and what our prospects are politically in this neck of woods. No doubt but that you have heard that [Jacob C.] Davis is out for Congress, in opposition to [Isaac N.] Morris, and from this you have probably inferred that Buchananism is quite rampant in the "bloody 5th" I know this impression has gone abroad but from my observation I believe it to be erroneous. Warsaw is believed to be the head quarters of the "Nationals" in the District; but I assure you that such Buchananism as we have here wont do to tie to. Davis is brought out, not because he is a "National" but for personal reasons to defeat Morris. Jake, you know, give the cue to most of the Democrats in the vicinity, and his position as defined by himself some time ago in a public speech, is as follows "I am a Democrat, not a Buchanan or a Douglass [Douglas] Democrat, but I go for the party, and will follow no man whose course will lead me out of it-- I don't think Douglass [Douglas] should be read out of the party for voting against Lecompton, and I make it no objection to him for senator because he did so. If Douglass [Douglas] only differs from the party on that one point, it is not sufficient to exclude him from fellowship; but while I don't acknowledge the propriety of reading Douglass [Douglas] out of the party I dont acknowledge the propriety right of Douglass or his friends to read those out who differ from him. If Douglass [Douglas] don't attack the party I shall not attack him" Now here is what Jacke said and I do not know that he has materially changed his grounds of late. His followers here say they are opposed to Douglass but prefer him to Lincoln. They say Jake will not attack Douglass. Wagley is an exception to the rest. He is out & out against Douglass, and will go in favor of having a full ticket in the field by the Nationals, but I don't believe it will win.

    Buchanan men here have no backbone. They will vote for Jake and at the same time for Roosevelt, an avowed Douglass [Douglas] man for Representative. We are in hopes something will turn up to get the factions by the ears; but so far the issue we most desire to see raised is kept under The Quincy Herald is doing good service, and if it continues its violence may arouse the ire of our milk and water nationals to the fighting point, and hence may flow an organization that may produce the desired result; but at present I Confess I have but small hope.

    I believe we shall have to fight on our Representative and Senatorial tickets against both factions and I hope our friends abroad will give us some aid as we are very weak in speaking talent. If the Chicago Herald could be sent to about one hundred Democrats in this County it might help

    Our Republican, nomination Cention Cam convention came off on Monday last Rockwell was nominated for Representative. He can do nothing on the stump

    Wagley has called a convention of the Nationals at this place on the 19th inst. It is said [R. B.] Carpenter & Fitch will be present. We look forward with some hope, but with fear that the whole thing will prove a fizzle. I will write again if any thing interesting turns up.

    Very Respectfully

    Yours &c

    Thos. C. Sharp

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