Savannah (GA) News, “The Civil War in Missouri,” May 17, 1861

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    “The Civil War in Missouri,” Savannah (GA) News, May 17, 1861, p. 2: 1.
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    Savannah News
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    The Civil War in Missouri
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    Don Sailer, Dickinson College
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    The Civil War in Missouri

    The infamous traitor, Frank Blair, backed by the German Abolitionists of Missouri, are making open war upon the people of that State who refuse abject submission to Abe Lincoln. According to the newspaper accounts, the late massacre by his troops in St. Louis was of a more serious character than at first reported. – Some twenty persons – men, women and children – were killed, and a large number were wounded. It is further stated that no attack was made upon the troops by the people, who hooted and jeered the Lincoln troops, when three of the German companies fired upon them.

    Blair having raised four regiments of Abolition mercenaries in defiance of the Governor of the State, and having captured some eight hundred State troops and several thousand stand of arms, is endeavoring to subjugate the State.

    The Philadelphia papers contain an appeal, signed by F. P. Blair, H. Bornstesin, F. Sigel and N. Schuttuer, the Colonels of the Lincoln regiments, calling on the Northern people to furnish them subsistence, clothing and munitions. The Black Republicans of Philadelphia are responding to the call, and committees are collecting supplies to be sent immediately to the Lincoln forces in Missouri.

    We sincerely sympathize with the true men of the border States who have thus to contend with traitors in their midst, but we have an abiding faith that the day of retribution for such miscreants as Blair, Hicks, Johnson, Ethridge, Brownlow, Carlisle and his misguided followers is not far distant. There is a spirit of resolute resistance in both Missouri and Maryland, that will not be easily subdued.

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