New York Herald, “Coercion Symptoms in the West and North-West,” January 15, 1861

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    “Coercion Symptoms in the West and North-West,” New York Herald, January 15, 1861, p. 5: 1.
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    New York Herald
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    Coercion Symptoms in the West and North-West
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    Don Sailer, Dickinson College
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    COERCION SYMPTOMS IN THE WEST AND NORTH-WEST. – While the people of the South are agitating, and those of New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New England are talking as though they were the whole country, private accounts from the Western and Northwestern States show that the most intense excitement prevails beyond the Alleghenies and on the lakes with respect to the crisis by which the Union is agitated. The cry “the Union must and shall be preserved” exists there still in its fullest integrity, and sturdy citizens look ominously at their rifles, as though they might speedily be called into requisition as an ultima ratio to settle difficulties. Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana and Ohio scout the idea that the mouths of the Mississippi can by any possibility be closed, or rendered less free than they are now; and even in Missouri we are told that clubs exist ready to rally at the shortest notice in behalf of the jeoparded interests of the country. Threats are low, rather than loud, but the more serious and heartfelt for that; and the mere rumor that the inauguration of Mr. Lincoln at Washington would be prevented has aroused democrats and republicans alike to indignation. It is to be devoutly hoped that the issues before the people may be settled pleasantly, and that all parts of the country alike will scout the idea of civil war. But it is manifest that if so dire a calamity should befall us, a large portion of Northern hostile sentiment would find its nucleus around the sturdy pioneers of the Western States, who seem to be taken least into account at the present moment.

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