Know Nothings

    Date Title
    Abraham Lincoln to Richard Yates, October 31, 1854
    David Davis to Julius Rockwell, March 4, 1855
    Abraham Lincoln to Owen Lovejoy, August 11,1855
    Abraham Lincoln to Joshua Fry Speed, August 24, 1855
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    New York Times, “Desperate Riots in Baltimore,” October 15, 1857
    New York Herald, "Political Agitation in this Metropolis," Febraury 26, 1858
    New York Times, “Further Excitement in New Orleans,” June 7, 1858
    New York Times, “End of the New Orleans Rebellion,” June 9, 1858
    New York Herald, "Found At Last," June 13, 1858
    Lyman Trumbull to Abraham Lincoln, July 19, 1858
    Thomas J. Pickett to Abraham Lincoln, August 3, 1858
    Owen Lovejoy to Abraham Lincoln, August 4, 1858
    New York Times, “The Union Meeting at the Cooper Institute,” September 8, 1858
    New York Times, “Fusion in the City,” October 4, 1858
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    Carlisle (PA) American Volunteer, "The Plea Will Not Avail Them," November 17, 1859
    Richard W. Thompson to Abraham Lincoln, June 12, 1860
    Carlisle (PA) American Volunteer, “Decidedly Wrong,” July 7, 1860
    Abraham Lincoln to Abraham Jonas, July 21, 1860
    Chicago (IL) Press and Tribune, "No Go Yet," August 23, 1860
    Cleveland (OH) Herald, “A Two-Edged Sword,” September 3, 1860
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