Moncure Daniel Conway Journal, January 18, 1851

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    Moncure Daniel Conway, Diary, 1851-1853, MC 1999.6, Moncure Daniel Conway Family Papers, Archives and Special Collections, Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA, p. 2-3.
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    Sayo Ayodele
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    Sat 18th. On the next morning the Bp. Dr., Jennie & I started northward. Mary Peyton was going with us as far as Balt. - poor thing! She was going off alone to N. Orleans & had never left her kind Uncle's before. God bless you cousin Mary! Jennie was very much interested in her & treated her very kindly: aunt Jane C. also sent her some presents by me: I saw her off in the cars.

    On coming up on the Boat I became very well acquainted with Bp. James & Dr. Durbin they were very interesting. I found Dr. D. very chatty, & he having traveled so much was very instructive. He got me to attend his & Bp. J's Tickets. Mrs. Marshall was very much amused when he told us that she had been taken on the boat for his wife & I for his son. In speaking of Germany where Dr. D. had been, I believe - I called to his mind a remark made by Prof. Jacobi in the last of his letters to the Quarterly - in which he said that the Democrats there were infidels, which I said I didn't believe, but attributed it to the monarchical goggles thro' which Jacobi looked. Dr. D. said it was pretty much the same way as old Parson Strong who is in an excited political struggle in Mass: said, "Brethren it has been charged that I said every Democ't was a horsethief: I said no such thing; I only said that every horsethief was a Democrat - & that I'll prove"! Bp. James was very much amused at my thinking that cousin Mary P. was sick in the river she could not be seasick again: "Try it young man" he said.

    We found Prof. M. awaiting us in Balt: went up to Barnum's: next I went down to aunt Jane's & staid all night. On the next day we left in the early train for Carlisle which we reached Saturday evening Jan. 18 at about 4 o'clock. I went to Mrs. Stephenson's.

    I didn't go out that evening to see anyone: I thought I would wait until Monday to do my visiting. I was very kindly received at Mrs. Stephenson's. On the next morning I went to hear Mr. Brown preach. Sam. Emery sat in the pew with me. I turned once whilst they were singing the last hymn & saw her. She was beautiful as ever; but it was plain to my eye that some health had gone. I did not see her closely after church, but returned with Mrs. Emery with whom I went. All All that I saw looked well but Kate!

    In the afternoon I went to the Sabbath school. It is not in as fine a condition as when I knew it of old. Prof. M. has left it Miss Kate's health will no longer permit her to attend. Prof. M., little Gordon Seymour, and I took a walk afterward - and a beautiful one it was. At night I heard Mr. Devinney preach a good sermon. On the next morning I went around for the first time to Mr. Emery's. Mrs. E. was there & Sam. Also - but Miss Kate was away. I sat there some time. Invited to tea next evening.
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