Cumberland County Courthouse, Carlisle, PA

    Place Unit Type
    Location or Site
    Containing Unit
    Date Title
    Carlisle (PA) Herald, “The Fire Companies,” March 26, 1845
    Carlisle (PA) Herald, “Burning of the Court House,” March 26, 1845
    Harrisburg (PA) Democratic Union, “Destructive Fire in Carlisle,” March 26, 1845
    Entry by John McClintock, June 2, 1847
    Entry by John McClintock, June 3, 1847
    John McClintock to Edgar B. Wakeman, June 3, 1847
    New York Commercial Advertiser, "Riot at Carlisle," June 5, 1847
    New York Tribune, "Riot at Carlisle," June 7, 1847
    Carlisle (PA) Herald, "Tumult and Riot," June 9, 1847
    Carlisle (PA) American Volunteer, “Judge Hepburn’s Charge,” September 16, 1847
    Carlisle (PA) American Volunteer, “Arrested,” June 17, 1847
    New York National Anti-Slavery Standard, "The Riot in Carlisle," June 24, 1847
    Carlisle (PA) Herald, “Death of Mr. Kennedy,” June 30, 1847
    Carlisle (PA) American Volunteer, “Public Meeting,” July 1, 1847
    Harrisburg (PA) Democratic Union, "The Carlisle Riot Case," September 1, 1847
    Carlisle (PA) Herald, “Judge Hepburn’s Protest,” September 8, 1847
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    Carlisle (PA) Herald, "Sentence of the Rioters," September 8, 1847
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    Natchez (MS) Courier, “Important Slave Case,” December 12, 1848
    Rochester (NY) Frederick Douglass’ Paper, “The Kauffman Slave Case,” January 14, 1853
    Carlisle (PA) American, “Further of the Kidnappers,” June 29, 1859
    Carlisle (PA) American, “Arrest of a Supposed ‘Harper’s Ferry Insurrectionist,’” October 26, 1859
    Chicago (IL) Press and Tribune, "The Harpers Ferry Insurgent at Carlisle," November 1, 1859
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