Louisville (KY) Journal, "Exciting News from Kansas," December 3, 1855

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    "Exciting News from Kansas," Louisville (KY) Journal, December 3, 1855, p. 3: 4.
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    Louisville Daily Journal
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    Exciting News from Kansas
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    [From the Courier.]
    ST. LOUIS, Nov. 30.

    Exciting and highly important news from Kansas has just been received.

    On Thursday, Nov. 29th, near Hickory Point, three Abolitionists, armed with Sharpe's rifles; went to the claim of Mr. Coleman, and peremptorily ordered him to leave, allowing him only ten minutes in which to do so, and threatening to shoot him in case of refusal to obey. He immediately left, but shortly afterwards returned well armed. One of the three Abolitionists the attempted to shoot him but his rifle missed fire. Coleman thereupon shot him dead, and immediately gave himself up to the authorities for trial.

    A mob of Abolitionists, all armed with rifles, soon gathered, and repairing to Coleman's house, drove his wife and children off, set fire to the building and burned it down, together with the houses of other pro-slavery men in that vicinity.

    Deputy Marshal Jones arrested the leader of the mob, and one other person, and obtained the names of twenty of the mob.

    The Abolitionists are now gathering in force at Lecompton, and have demanded the release of their comrades and the surrender into their hands of Coleman.
    Gov. Shannon has ordered out the militia to aid the Marshal in sustaining the laws.

    These proceedings have created the most intense excitement among the citizens in the border counties in Missouri, and they are repairing in large numbers to Kansas to offer their services to the Governor to aid in maintaining the laws.

    Some sixteen or seventeen houses in all have been burned at Hickory Point, and several citizens in that vicinity are missing.

    The Governor of Kansas issues a proclamation calling upon all law-abiding citizens in the territory to supress the outbreak.

    INDEPENDENCE, Mo., Nov. 30.

    A messenger arrived at Shawnee Mission last night, who states that Deputy Marshal Jones had fifty-two men with him at Lecompton. He also states that all Lawrence is up in arm, that the men are drilling constantly, and that they had in their possession five pieces of artillery.

    WESTON, Mo., Nov 30.

    The Abolition outlaws in Douglass [Douglas] county have burnt a number of houses and driven a number of families, consisting of women and children, to Missouri for refuge.

    The latest accounts report that the law and order people of the Territory are rallying in large numbers to the assistance of the sheriff of Douglass [Douglas] county, in the execution of the laws. That officer has by this time an overwhelming force at his command.

    Sheriff Jones is acting as Deputy U.S. marshal for Douglass [Douglas] and Johnson counties.

    WESTON, Mo., Nov. 30, P.M.

    The greatest excitement continues to exist in Kansas. The officers have been resisted by the mobocrats, and the interposition of the militia have been called for.

    A secret letter from Secretary Woodson to Gen. Eastin has been written, in which the writer requests Gen. E. to call for the Rifle Company at Platte City, Mo., so as not to compromise Gov. Shannon.

    Four hundred men, from Jackson county, Mo., and now en route for Douglas county, Kansas Territory. St. Joseph and Weston, in Missouri, are requested to each furnish the same number of men. The people of Kansas are to be subjugated at all hazards.  

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