New York Times, “Governor Geary’s Last Interview with Mr. Buchanan,” March 28, 1857

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“Governor Geary’s Last Interview with Mr. Buchanan,” New York Times, March 28, 1857, p. 1: 6.
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New York Evening Post
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New York Times
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Governor Geary’s Last Interview with Mr. Buchanan
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Leah Suhrstedt, Dickinson College
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Governor Geary’s Last Interview with Mr. Buchanan.

Correspondence of the Evening Post.

WASHINGTON, Thursday, March 26, 1857.

Governor GEARY had a long private interview this morning with Mr. BUCHANAN, in which he laid before the Executive a full statement of affairs in Kansas. The President did not commit himself any further than to say that the office of Governor of Kansas had been tendered to R. J. WALKER, who only waited the consent of his wife to accept. Thus far she has expressed an unwillingness to have him removed there, on account, among other reasons of the enfeebled state of his health. Governor GEARY declared his intention of leaving Washington tomorrow morning, on which Mr. BUCHANAN desired his address, as there might be some further occasion for his services. It is, I understand, Governor GEARY’S intention, after a brief residence in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, to revisit Washington. He will not, under any circumstances, accept a reappointment, after the office has been offered to another man, although he might have done so had it been tendered to him first, with the same almost absolute powers with which it is proposed to clothe R. J. WALKER.


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