Milwaukee (WI) Sentinel, "Judge Taney vs. Douglas," October 9, 1860

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"Judge Taney vs. Douglas," Milwaukee (WI) Sentinel, October 9, 1860, p. 1: 1.
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Milwaukee Daily Sentinel
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Judge Taney vs. Douglas
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Don Sailer, Dickinson College
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JUDGE TANEY VS. DOUGLAS. – The Pennsylvanian states, upon undoubted authority, that the venerable and distinguished Chief Justice of the Supreme Bench of the United States, who pronounced the opinion in the Dred Scott case, pronounces DOUGLAS’ squatter sovereignty doctrine as the worst heresy. The Chief Justice will support BRECKINRIDGE and LANE. The Democrats, adds the Pennsylvanian, have planted themselves on the Country, and have the endorsement of the highest political authority in the Union. As Mr. DOUGLAS is pledged to abide by the opinion of the Supreme Court, he must, in obedience to the dictum of the Chief Justice, surrender his “squatter sovereignty” heresy, and accept the Dred Scott decision with all its consequences.

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