Boston (MA) Herald, “The Crisis Approaching!,” January 8, 1861

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    “The Crisis Approaching!,” Boston (MA) Herald, January 8, 1861, p. 2: 1.
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    Boston Herald
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    The Crisis Approaching!
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    Don Sailer, Dickinson College
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    The intelligence by telegraph this morning that reinforcements in the shape of troops and provisions have been sent to Fort Sumter in the steamship Star of the West, will take the public by surprise, as we have all along been forced to believe that the inactive course taken by the President would be persisted in, so far as sending any aid to Major Anderson was concerned.

    Anxiety will be on tip-toe to learn the result of the steamer’s mission. If the fire-eaters mean anything by their threats, we may expect to hear within the next twenty-four hours that the vessel with her precious freight has met with a warm reception in the shape of a power and shot welcome.

    It is gratifying to know that the captain of the Star of the West, Mr. John McGowan, was formerly connected with the United States revenue cutter service, and enjoys the deserved [illegible] of being one of the most energetic, courageous and capable of steamship captains, [illegible] is expected that he will give a good account of himself on this important mission.

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