Proclamation of Governor John A. Andrew, March 1, 1862

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    Reprinted in  Frank Moore, ed., The Rebellion Record: A Diary of American Events, with Documents, Narratives, Illustrative Incidents, Poetry, Etc. (New York: G.P.Putnam, 1862), IV: 93-94.
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     Commonwealth Of Massachusetts, 
    Headquarters, Boston, March 1, 1862.
    General Order, No. 3.
    The Commander-in-Chief of the Militia of the Commonwealth has received from the Twenty-first regiment of Massachusetts volunteers, Lieut. Col. Albert C. Maggi Commanding, a flag of the "Confederate States," captured by that regiment on the redoubt, in the gallant and victorious charge, led by Col. Maggi, at Roanoke Island, on the seventh day of February.
    He has also received from the Twenty-fourth regiment, Col. Thomas G. Stevenson Commanding, the regimental colors of the Eighth regiment of North-Carolina "State troops," surrendered, as one of the results of the victory, to Col. Stevenson's regiment, which bore a gallant part in the fortunes and trials of the day.
    He has also received from the Twenty-third Massachusetts volunteers, Col. John Kurtz Commanding, the regimental colors of another rebel regiment, secured by the Twenty-third on the same field.
    These worthy sons and heroic soldiers of Massachusetts, in the hour of their triumph, dearly bought, offer to her these trophies. They shall be preserved in honor of their fortitude, their fidelity and their achievements.
    And if, as they behold them, the eyes of their countrymen shall moisten with tears, remembering the hardships, the sufferings, and the losses by which they were won; their hearts shall be strengthened also by the precious memories of that heroism and valor which so proudly illustrated, in the very van of battle, the perpetuity of the Republic.
    The Commander-in-Chief, in congratulating and thanking in the name of the People of Massachusetts, the Twenty-first, the Twenty-third and the Twenty-fourth volunteers, joins with these regiments, in equal honor, the Twenty-fifth, commanded by Col. Edwin Upton, and the Twenty-seventh, commanded by Col. Horace C. Lee.
    Sharing alike the hardships and the fortunes of the engagement, all of these noble regiments participated in the honors of the victory, and by constant endurance, prompt obedience and unflinching fortitude, under the fire of the enemy, exhibited the best qualities of citizen soldiers.
    These flags (with the consent of the Honorable House of Representatives) will be conspicuously displayed in the Hall of the House, and will there remain in the care of the Quartermaster General, until further orders.
    The Adjutant-General will cause a copy of this order to be transmitted to the commanders of each of the regiments and batteries of artillery now at the seat of war from this Commonwealth.
    By order of His Excellency,
    John A. Andrew, Governor and Commander-in-Chief.
    William Schouler,
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