Andrew Johnson to Montgomery Blair, November 24, 1863, Nashville, Tennessee.

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    Reprinted in Edward McPherson (ed.), The Political History of the United States During the Period of Reconstruction (From April 15, 1865 to July 15, 1870) .... (Washington D.C.: Solomons and Chapman, 1875),

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    John Osborne, Dickinson College
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    Nashville, November 24, 1863.

    To Hon. M. Blair, Postmaster General:
    I hope that the President will not be committed to the proposition of States relapsing into territories and held as such. If he steers clear of this extreme, his election to the next Presidency is without a reasonable doubt. I expected to have been in Washington before this time, when I could have conversed freely and fully in reference to the policy to be adopted by the Government; but it has been impossible for me to leave Nashville. I will be there soon. The institution of slavery is gone, and there is no good reason now for destroying the States to bring about the destruction of slavery.
    Andrew Johnson..

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