Note Cards


Date Event
08/24/1851 Cuban adventurer Narciso López departs the United States on an expedition to liberate Cuba
09/01/1851 Spanish authorities execute Narciso López in Havana
06/01/1852 French filibuster Gaston Raoul Raousset arrives in the northern Mexican state of Sonora
09/21/1852 French adventurer Gaston Raousset declares Sonora (Mexico) to be an independent republic
10/26/1852 Mexican troops expel Gaston Raousset and his filibuster followers from the city of Hermosillo in northern Mexico
10/29/1852 Gaston Raousset departs Mexico for San Francisco
10/15/1853 William Walker and 45 followers invade Baja California, in northwestern Mexico
11/03/1853 American filibuster William Walker proclaims himself president of an independent "Republic of Lower California"
04/04/1854 William Walker and his fellow filibusters leave Baja California for Sonora
05/08/1854 William Walker is driven from Mexico and taken into custody by the U.S. military
06/28/1854 Gaston Raousset begins a second filibustering incursion into northern Mexico
07/31/1854 Mexican General José María Yáñez captures French filibuster Gaston Raousset
08/12/1854 A Mexican firing squad executes French adventurer Gaston Raousset in Guaymas, Sonora
05/04/1855 American filibuster William Walker departs San Francisco for Central America
10/13/1855 William Walker captures the Nicaraguan capital of Granada
05/15/1856 U.S. recognizes new Nicaraguan government under the influence of William Walker
06/28/1856 William Walker is elected president of Nicaragua
09/22/1856 William Walker's filibuster government in Nicaragua repeals the abolition of slavery in that country
03/24/1857 American adventurer Henry A. Crabb leads an expeditionary force across the Mexican border into Sonora
04/04/1857 Mexican troops defeat the forces of American filibuster Henry A. Crabb
04/07/1857 Henry A. Crabb and 57 of his followers are executed by a Mexican firing squad
05/01/1857 William Walker and his followers surrender to an American naval squadron and are returned to the United States
12/08/1857 American soldier of fortune William Walker is recaptured by the U.S. Navy
02/03/1858 William Walker and his companions are indicted in New Orleans under the Neutrality Laws
05/01/1858 Nicaragua and Costa Rica appeal to the European powers for protection against filibusters
07/17/1858 John Anthony Quitman, Mexican War general and Mississippi advocate of secession, dies on his plantation in Natchez
10/03/1859 William Walker launches another fillibustering attempt against Nicaragua from New Orleans
10/07/1859 William Walker's latest filibustering attempt ends before it begins with arrest by U.S. Marshals
06/21/1860 William Walker sails from New Orleans for Honduras on his last filibustering expedition
08/06/1860 William Walker and his men capture Trujillo on the Honduran coast
08/07/1860 In Trujillo, William Walker proclaims his support for the Honduran people against their government
08/21/1860 In Honduras, the British Royal Navy orders American filibuster William Walker to leave Trujillo
09/03/1860 In Honduras, American filibuster William Walker surrenders to the British Royal Navy
09/12/1860 American filibuster William Walker is executed in Honduras