United Kingdom

Place Unit Type
Containing Unit
Date Type
Britain announces the minting of new "pennies," "halfpennies," and "farthings" in bronze US/the World
British gales wreck one hundred and forty-three ships in one day Crime/Disasters
British government reports a recent nationwide increase in measles and scarlet fever US/the World
British Prime Minister William Gladstone introduces a landmark budget bill that includes dramatic free trade reforms Foreign
British sign treaty with Honduras concerning the Mosquito Coast US/the World
Emperor Napoleon III drops the requirement that Britons carry passports to enter and travel in France US/the World
Great Britain and France sign a landmark free trade agreement Foreign
In Britain a legal judgment confirms that no British subject or company may own or sell slaves abroad Slavery/Abolition
In England, William Gladstone loses his seat in the ongoing General Election US/the World
Largest warship in the world launched Foreign
Mexico suspends interest payments on it foreign debts and causes consternation in Europe US/the World
New administration takes office in Great Britain Foreign
- Official period of Britain's seventh national census takes place overnight US/the World
Postage costs in the United States in 1859, by the numbers Business/Industry
- Powerful gales wreak havoc across the British Isles and north-west Europe Crime/Disasters
Prayers of thanksgiving made in all British churches for the success in putting down the Indian Mutiny Religion/Philosophy
- Several nights of heavy gales wreak havoc on shipping around coasts of Britain and northern France Crime/Disasters
Switzerland once again protests the transfer of Nice and Savoy from Piedmont-Sardinia to France US/the World
The Bank of England raises its discount rate as financial disruption in the United States effects Europe Business/Industry
The Bank of England replenishes its gold reserves as American financial disruption effects Europe Business/Industry
The Duke of Wellington dies at Walmer Castle in England Foreign
The Prince of Wales celebrates his eighteenth birthday US/the World
The Treaty of Yedo is signed between Japan and Britain US/the World
The United States and several European powers sign a joint trade agreement with Japan. US/the World
Three fatal railway accidents occur around England on the same day Crime/Disasters
Underwater telegraph line across the Irish Sea completed Foreign
Name Type
England Nation
Leeds, England City or Town
London, England City or Town
Scotland State or Province
Wales State or Province
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