London, England

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    A Peace Conference aimed at ending the German-Danish war convenes in London US/the World
    - A remarkable display of the Northern Lights is seen in Europe and North America Science/Technology
    A royal proclamation from London declares Britain neutral in the American war US/the World
    Abdülaziz I of Turkey becomes the first Ottoman Emperor to visit the United Kingdom. US/the World
    American child prodigy pianist Willie Pape plays his first public concert in London Education/Culture
    American ship founders in the Bay of Biscay and is abandoned without loss of life Crime/Disasters
    American-built clipper ship sails from London to Sydney in sixty-seven days Business/Industry
    Andrew Ure, famous advocate of the factory system, dies in London Personal
    Another great warehouse fire breaks out on the London Docks Crime/Disasters
    Another great warehouse fire on the London Docks Crime/Disasters
    At London's Covent Garden Theater, Sir Julius Benedict's light opera "The Lily of Killarney" opens Education/Culture
    Australia-bound ship wrecked in the English Channel soon after sailing and all aboard are lost Crime/Disasters
    Beneath the streets of London, a mystery gas kills four sewer workers Crime/Disasters
    Big Ben sounds for the first time Foreign
    Britain and the African Kingdom of Madagascar conclude a treaty of friendship and cooperation. US/the World
    Britain becomes the first state to recognize the new united Kingdom of Italy US/the World
    Britain rescinds its Trent Affair restrictions on the export of saltpeter and other war materials US/the World
    Britain's Grenadier Guards Regiment celebrates its two hundredth anniversary US/the World
    Britain's House of Commons debates a bill to allow a man to marry his deceased wife's sister Lawmaking/Litigating
    Britain's National Rifle Association holds its annual Shooting Competition on Wimbledon Common Education/Culture
    British author and dramatist George Soane dies at his London home Education/Culture
    British author William Makepeace Thackeray dies suddenly at his home in London, aged fifty-two Personal
    British Government seizes a newly-built schooner under the Foreign Enlistment Act US/the World
    British parliament votes to repeal the Corn Laws US/the World
    British scientist Michael Faraday, inventor of the electric generator, dies at his home near London. Personal
    Celebrations for the 300th birthday of William Shakespeare are held around the world, but not in Paris Education/Culture
    Charles Darwin begins the final editing of his great work on evolution Science/Technology
    Charles Darwin finishes editing his great work on evolution and sends it to the printers Science/Technology
    Charles Darwin's great work on evolution is published in London Science/Technology
    Charles Dickens begins publication of his "The Tale of Two Cities" Education/Culture
    Constable's famous painting "The Hay Wain" is sold at auction in London for a record £1,365. Education/Culture
    Dana Conway, third son of Moncure Conway, is born in London, England Personal
    David Salomons becomes the first Jewish Lord Mayor of London Religion/Philosophy
    Divorce becomes a little easier in the United Kingdom Foreign
    Edward Fitzgerald publishes his translation of Omar Khayyám's poetry Cultural
    Efficient telegraph service initiated between London and Paris Business/Industry
    Famous British boxer, Tom Sayers, dies in London, aged thirty-nine Personal
    Final installment of Charles Dickens' "The Tale of Two Cities" published in London Education/Culture
    Florence Nightingale opens her school for female nurses at St. Thomas's Hospital in London US/the World
    Former British Prime Minister Lord Aberdeen dies at his London home US/the World
    George Eliot publishes her best-selling three volume novel Adam Bede Education/Culture
    George Peabody donates $750,000 to his adopted home city of London for charitable use Education/Culture
    Heat soars in Europe to some of the highest temperatures recorded US/the World
    Huge gale blowing across southern England kills dozens and destroys the spire of Chichester Cathedral Crime/Disasters
    In a formal ceremony on Corfu, Britain officially transfers the Ionian Islands to Greece US/the World
    In a London ceremony, Henry Edward Manning is consecrated as the Catholic Archbishop of Westminster Religion/Philosophy
    In a unique accident near London, three English freight trains collide inside a tunnel and burn. Crime/Disasters
    In Britain a legal judgment confirms that no British subject or company may own or sell slaves abroad Slavery/Abolition
    In Britain, a question requiring a person's religious affiliation is removed from the upcoming national census US/the World
    In Britain, Benjamin Disraeli introduces a Parliamentary Reform Bill in the House of Commons Foreign
    In England, 20,000 people march in London in support of electoral reform. US/the World
    In England, a boiler explosion in an oil cake mill on the River Thames kills all ten men of a repair crew Crime/Disasters
    In England, a freak accident on the new London Underground kills three passengers. Crime/Disasters
    In England, chemist William Brookes discovers a new chemical element Science/Technology
    In England, London's journeymen tailors begin a lengthy work stoppage over pay. Business/Industry
    In England, the famous Crystal Palace suffers heavy fire damage in its rebuilt location in south London. Crime/Disasters
    In England, the future King George the Fifth is born at Marlborough House in London. Personal
    In England, the new Cannon Street Station is opened as the London terminus for the South Eastern Railway. Business/Industry
    In England, thousands gather in London's Hyde Park for a peaceful demonstration in support of franchise reform. Campaigns/Elections
    In England, unemployed shipyard workers loot bakeries and food shops on south-east London's riverside. Crime/Disasters
    In England, William Booth preaches for the first time in East London, where he will found the Salvation Army Religion/Philosophy
    In London near Trafalgar Square, another new main-line railway station opens at Charing Cross Business/Industry
    In London, a chief cashier admits to a million dollar embezzlement of his bank Business/Industry
    In London, a Conference of the Anglican Bishops, including from the United States, opens at Lambeth Palace. Religion/Philosophy
    In London, a locomotive on the new underground railway explodes spectacularly, though no lives are lost Crime/Disasters
    In London, a major engineering project begins to construct the Victorian Embankment along the Thames Science/Technology
    - In London, a massive fire burns millions in goods and kills the head of the London Fire Brigade Crime/Disasters
    In London, a relief fund is launched for hundreds of thousands starving in north-west India US/the World
    In London, a runaway train leaves the station at Kings Cross and crosses the road outside Crime/Disasters
    In London, Adelina Patti makes her European operatic debut at Covent Garden aged nineteen Education/Culture
    In London, American inventor Ross Winans launches the last of his series of "cigar boats" Science/Technology
    In London, an explosion at the excavations for the new underground railway kills two railwaymen Crime/Disasters
    In London, Britain, France, and Spain agree to a military intervention in Mexico to force payment of debts US/the World
    In London, British authorities execute five seamen for murder on the high seas Crime/Disasters
    In London, British labor leaders call on U.S. Ambassador Adams to relay their support to President Lincoln US/the World
    In London, British powered human flight enthusiasts found the world's oldest aeronautical society Science/Technology
    In London, Charles Dickens' literary friends hold a massive farewell banquet before his visit to America. Education/Culture
    In London, Charles Dickens' new novel begins serialized publication Education/Culture
    In London, chief cashier of Union Bank sentenced to twenty years for million dollar embezzlement Crime/Disasters
    - In London, cholera continues its European assault, killing five thousand in two weeks. Crime/Disasters
    In London, fire destroys the large and popular St. Martin's Hall in Covent Garden Crime/Disasters
    In London, Her Majesty's Theater, the largest opera house in England, is destroyed by fire. Crime/Disasters
    In London, Irish nationalists blow up a prison wall in an attempt to rescue two comrades and kill four people. Crime/Disasters
    In London, Lord Derby's attempt to form a new government is defeated US/the World
    In London, Lord Palmerston returns as Prime Minister of a new Whig-Liberal government Foreign
    In London, more than forty skaters drown in Regent's Park when the lake's ice gives way. Crime/Disasters
    In London, Oxford wins the eighteenth annual Oxford and Cambridge boat race Education/Culture
    In London, Parliament defeats a key Conservative bill for reform and the Government resigns the next day US/the World
    In London, Parliament passes the world's first speed limits on public roads Lawmaking/Litigating
    In London, Prince Albert opens the Fourth International Statistical Congress Science/Technology
    In London, Queen Victoria lays the cornerstone of the Royal Albert Hall. Education/Culture
    In London, Queen Victoria reviews 21,000 men of the Volunteer Movement in Hyde Park US/the World
    In London, Speke and Grant describe their finding the Nile's source to the Royal Geographical Society Education/Culture
    In London, the Arts Club is officially founded at its inaugural General Meeting Education/Culture
    In London, the cornerstone is laid for the new Blackfriars Bridge across the Thames Science/Technology
    In London, the first edition of Lewis Carroll's "Alice on Wonderland" is published, only to be swiftly withdrawn Education/Culture
    In London, the Football Association agrees the first uniform set of laws of the game Education/Culture
    In London, the Football Association, the first governing body of its kind in the world, is founded Education/Culture
    In London, the formal royal celebrations of the Queen's official birthday return after a four year hiatus US/the World
    In London, the House of Lords defeats a bill which would have allowed a widower to marry his dead wife's sister Foreign
    In London, the new Westminster Bridge opens to full traffic, five years behind schedule Science/Technology
    In London, the Prince Consort opens the new gardens of the Royal Horticultural Society in South Kensington Education/Culture
    In London, the U.S. Ambassador meets with the British and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society US/the World
    In London, the world's first underground railway opens and carries 38,000 passengers on the day Science/Technology
    In north London, another railway excursion accident kills sixteen and injures 320 Crime/Disasters
    In Parliament, the British foreign secretary declares the Confederacy at war with the Union US/the World
    In south London, England, a road bridge over a railway line collapses and kills six workers. Crime/Disasters
    In southern England, a fatal train wreck on the Brighton to London line kills four and injures dozens more Crime/Disasters
    In southern England, a late night railroad crash kills three and injures many more. Crime/Disasters
    In the City of London, the new Cannon Street Railway Station opens for business. Business/Industry
    In the east London docks, the new London Fire Brigade deals with another large Dockland warehouse fire Crime/Disasters
    In the English Channel, a passenger ship is rammed and sinks with the loss of thirteen lives. Crime/Disasters
    In the Trent Affair, the British Foreign Secretary demands an apology and release of Mason and Slidell US/the World
    Isambard Kingdom Brunel dies in his London home from the effects of a stroke Personal
    James Buchanan presents his credentials to Queen Victoria as United States Ambassador to Great Britain Legal/Political
    Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels publish the Communist Manifesto in London Education/Culture
    Kenneth Grahame, author of "The Wind in the Willows," born in Edinburgh Education/Culture
    Lionel de Rothschild finally takes his seat in the British Parliament Foreign
    Lions kill one of their keepers at the most popular circus in London Crime/Disasters
    London based philanthropist George Peabody donates a further $200,000 to the Peabody Institute in Baltimore Education/Culture
    London-based Swiss watchmaker patents the first practical chronograph Science/Technology
    - London's new Metropolitan Fire Brigade has its first test in a massive fire on the city's docks Crime/Disasters
    Lord Palmerston, late British prime minister, is buried in Westminster Abbey after a state funeral in London Personal
    Louis Napoleon Bonaparte escapes from prison in France US/the World
    Mason affair results in severe embarrassment for Moncure Conway Lawmaking/Litigating
    Massive explosion and fire at a fireworks factory in London Crime/Disasters
    Massive fire on the London Docks Crime/Disasters
    - Massive fire on the London Docks burns for two days causing a million dollars in damage Crime/Disasters
    Mildred Conway, first daughter of Moncure Conway, is born in London, England Personal
    Moncure Conway becomes minister at South Place Chapel in London, England Religion/Philosophy
    - Moncure Conway returns to South Place Chapel in London Religion/Philosophy
    Moncure Conway sails to England to gain support for the Union Legal/Political
    Murillo's "Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception" sells at auction in London for 9000 guineas US/the World
    Mystery of the disappearance of the Franklin Expedition a decade before solved Science/Technology
    Napoleon III seeks to reassure Britain that he does not threaten peace in Europe US/the World
    On Corfu, British officials transfer administration of the Ionian Islands to Greece US/the World
    On the London docks, fire completely destroys a massive sugar refinery Crime/Disasters
    On the lower River Thames in London, ten teenage naval cadets drown when their cutter overturns Crime/Disasters
    On the River Thames in London, Oxford scores its fifth victory in a row over Cambridge in the annual University Boat Race Education/Culture
    On the River Thames outside London, Oxford takes the twenty-first Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race Education/Culture
    On the River Thames, the Royal Navy launches the first iron-hulled ocean-going armored steam frigate Science/Technology
    On the Thames in London, Oxford beat Cambridge in the University Boat Race for the sixth year in a row. Education/Culture
    On the Thames in London, Oxford wins the twenty-fourth rowing of the University Boat Race. Education/Culture
    On the Thames, after much difficulty, a massive new Royal Navy warship is launched Science/Technology
    On the Thames, in London, Harry Kelley regains his world sculling championship Education/Culture
    Oxford wins the traditional University Boat Race on the Thames when the Cambridge boat sinks Foreign
    Pope Pius IX removes the second ranking British Catholic Archbishop from office Religion/Philosophy
    Queen Victoria accepts President Buchanan's invitation for her son to visit the United States US/the World
    Queen Victoria emerges from mourning to open the British Parliament, her first public function since 1861. US/the World
    Queen Victoria institutes the Albert Medal to reward civilian acts of bravery during rescue from the sea. US/the World
    Queen Victoria proclaims that a Federal Canada will achieve Dominion status on July 1, 1867. Lawmaking/Litigating
    Queen Victoria's address adjourning Parliament reiterates her government's "strict neutrality" in America US/the World
    Richard Cobden, famed free trade advocate and strong British supporter of the Union dies in London Personal
    Robert Stephenson, eminent British engineer, dies in London Personal
    Rubber tire for carriage wheels patented in England Science/Technology
    Rubber tire for carriage wheels patented in the United States Commercial
    Seneca Indian and American champion runner Deerfoot makes an impressive debut on his tour of Britain Education/Culture
    Seneca Indian runner Deerfoot ends his first season in England winning thirteen of fifteen races Education/Culture
    Sir William Napier, Peninsula War general and distinguished military historian, dies in London Personal
    Six tons of bullion from the new Australian goldfields arrives in London Business/Industry
    Tennyson's newly published Idylls of the King selling strongly in England Education/Culture
    The Alexandra Case, over British neutrality in ship-building, opens in London US/the World
    The Alexandra Case, over British neutrality in ship-building, reaches a verdict in London US/the World
    The Bank of England again raises its discount rate as the pressure on bullion continues Business/Industry
    The Bank of England drops its discount rate for the third time in three weeks to five percent Business/Industry
    The British government's plan to end income tax exemptions for charities meets with fierce opposition US/the World
    The British Prime Minister orders the detention of two recently British-built vessels for the Confederacy US/the World
    The close-run Great Tea Race between clipper-ships from China to London ends after ninety-nine days Business/Industry
    The Duke of Wellington buried in St. Paul's Cathedral in London Foreign
    The Emperor of Abyssinia receives a blunt warning to release his European hostages or face British military action US/the World
    The famous four lions at the base of Nelson's Column are lifted into place on London's Trafalgar Square. Education/Culture
    The French Empress relaxes in England and Scotland on a private visit US/the World
    The French Empress returns to France from Britain after her relaxed three week private visit US/the World
    The Government falls in Britain; Lord Palmerston's Coalition gives way to the Earl of Derby's Conservatives Foreign
    The Great Reading Room at the British Museum opens to the public Foreign
    - The Leonid Meteor Display make a spectacular appearance over Europe. Science/Technology
    The London Peace Conference aimed at ending the German-Danish war breaks up in failure US/the World
    The National Portrait Gallery opens to the public in London Education/Culture
    The National Rifle Association founded in London US/the World
    The National Rifle Association holds its first shooting meeting on Wimbledon Common in London US/the World
    The news of the release of Slidell and Mason reaches the British Isles US/the World
    The third serious warehouse fire of the summer on the London Docks kills two and injures several others Crime/Disasters
    The Times of London catches up on it backlog of contracted advertisements with a one-off triple sized issue Business/Industry
    The treaty formalizing the new Greek monarchy, and the transfer of the Ionian Islands, is signed in London US/the World
    The United States releases the Confederate commissioners Mason and Slidell into British custody US/the World
    The world's first weather forecast is transmitted from the Meteorological Office in London Science/Technology
    Thomas Babington Macaulay, British statesman and historian, dies in London Personal
    Thomas Wildey, founder of the Order of Odd Fellows in the United States, dies at his home in Baltimore Personal
    Train crash outside London kills one of Queen Victoria's doctors and injure many others Crime/Disasters
    Underwater telegraph line down the Red Sea from Suez to Aden is completed Science/Technology
    Washington's Birthday celebrated around the country and in London and Paris Cultural
    With great ceremony, Queen Victoria opens the new session of the British Parliament in London. Lawmaking/Litigating
    With pressure on its bullion reserves easing, the Bank of England drops its discount rate again Business/Industry
    With war in the United States underway, the Bank of England raises its discount rate again Business/Industry
    Young Men's Christian Association in America founded in Boston Religion/Philosophy
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