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    Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria is born in Graz, Austria Personal
    At Miramar Castle in Trieste, Austria, Archduke Maximilian officially accepts the imperial throne of Mexico US/the World
    At the Battle of Custoza, near Verona, Austrian troops halt the Italian invasion of Venetia. Battles/Soldiers
    Austria demands that Sardinia-Piedmont disarm, and issues a three-day ultimatum Foreign
    Austria forgives Hungarian rebels for their role in 1848 revolution Foreign
    Austrian and Italian naval units clash at Lissa in the first major fleet confrontation of ironclads. Battles/Soldiers
    Austrian troops cross into eastern Prussia setting off full war between Prussia and Austria. US/the World
    Danish and Austrian naval units clash in the North Sea at the Battle of Heligoland US/the World
    Five Austrian army corps have crossed into Piedmont and occupy large areas north of the Po River Foreign
    France tells Austria war on Piedmont-Sardinia would mean war with France Foreign
    French Emperor Napoleon III issues his official declaration of war on the Austrian Empire US/the World
    - French troops are starting to depart Paris for Italy to confront the Austrians Foreign
    Great Power conference proposed in Europe to head off war between Austria and Piedmont-Sardinia Foreign
    In Austria-Hungary, Emperor Franz Joseph introduces constitutional reforms US/the World
    In Austria, Prussia and Austria's victorious war against Denmark comes to an official end with the Treaty of Vienna US/the World
    In Italy, the pro-Austrian Duke of Modena flees and a provisional government is formed Foreign
    Italian nationalists in Florence overthrow the Hapsburg Grand Duke Leopold II of Tuscany US/the World
    Italy and Austria sign the Armistice of Cormon, ending their seven week conflict. Battles/Soldiers
    Italy, allied to Prussia, declares war on the Austrian Empire. Battles/Soldiers
    Piedmont-Sardinia rejects Austria's call to disarm Foreign
    Prussia and Austria agree a cease fire and armistice to end their five week conflict. Battles/Soldiers
    Prussia and Austria sign the Peace of Prague, ending the Prussian-Austrian War. Lawmaking/Litigating
    The Austrian Empire declares war on Sardinia-Piedmont US/the World
    The Austrian Empire mobilizes in response to the war preparations of Piedmont-Sardinia Foreign
    The flag of Italy is raised over the formerly Austrian-controlled city of Venice. US/the World
    The Italian Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia mobilizes its armed forces for war with Austria Foreign
    The Prussians win the decisive victory of the Prussia-Austria War at the Battle of Königgrätz/Sadowa. Battles/Soldiers
    The results of the plebiscite confirming Austria's ceding of Venice to Italy are announced. US/the World
    The Swiss Federal Council says Switzerland will defend itself and its neutrality, by force if need be Foreign
    The Treaty of Prague ends the Italian-Austrian War and cedes Venetia for transfer to Italy. Lawmaking/Litigating
    Treaty negotiations successfully conclude the late war between France, Austria, and Piedmont US/the World
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    Vienna, Austria City or Town
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