Long Island, NY

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Admission charged to a Baseball Park for the first time Cultural
America's best trotting horses meet for a second time at the Union Course on Long Island Education/Culture
America's best trotting horses race in a three heat series at the Union Course on Long Island Education/Culture
During a violent thunderstorm over Long Island, a boiler explosion destroys a factory and kills a worker. Crime/Disasters
In New York, British champion runner Jack White wins a challenge ten miles race on Long Island Education/Culture
John A. King, former Republican governor of New York, dies at his home in Queens County after a stroke. Personal
Kerosene patented in the United States Science/Technology
Merchant ship wrecked off Long Island, New York with no survivors amongst its crew Crime/Disasters
- Off New York City, naval engine designs compete in a race between the "Winooski" and the "Algonquin" Science/Technology
On Long Island, a well attended "fox-chase" on an enclosed trotting course kills six foxes Education/Culture
On Long Island, police battle large crowds to prevent an illegal prize fight Crime/Disasters
Outside New York City, two passenger trains on the Long Island Railroad collide head-on killing five people Crime/Disasters
Second day of the opening meeting of the 1863 New York racing season sees a record four mile run Education/Culture
The harness racing season opens in New York City with a $800 match race on Long Island Education/Culture
The New York turf season opens on Long Island with a $500 five heat trotting contest Education/Culture
The New York Yacht Club holds its annual regatta off the coast of Long Island Education/Culture
The steamer "Commodore" is wrecked in Long Island Sound but all aboard are saved. Crime/Disasters
Two merchant ships collide off of Fire Island, New York and both founder, drowning seven men. Crime/Disasters
- Two New York yachts with very wealthy owners compete in an ocean race off Long Island Education/Culture
With impressive ceremony in Brooklyn, 3000 Long Island veterans are presented with service medals Battles/Soldiers
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