Manifest Destiny

Date Event
House of Representatives passes resolution to end joint occupation of Oregon Territory
First newspaper on the Pacific Coast published
The first railroad west of the Mississippi makes its inaugural run
William Walker and 45 followers invade Baja California, in northwestern Mexico
Commodore Perry dies at his home in New York City
The first overland mail for California leaves St. Louis for San Francisco
The first overland mail from California arrives in St. Louis, twenty-five days out from San Francisco
The city of Denver is founded in Colorado and named for the territorial governor
Congress approves a reservation for the Pima and Miricopa tribes near the Gila River in New Mexico Territory
Horace Greeley sets off from New York on his tour of the West
Prospector makes the richest gold discovery yet in Colorado
Horace Greeley arrives in Kansas on his tour of the West
Horace Greeley arrives in Denver on his tour of the West
Large silver deposits are found in Six Mile Canyon near Virginia City in Nevada
The U.S. Post Office reports another record deficit for the year ending June 30, 1859
Nevada settlers elect a slate of delegates to frame a territorial constitution
The sternwheeler "Chippewa" reaches to within twelve miles of Fort Benton on the Upper Missouri
- Nevada delegates meet to frame a constitution for their unorganized territory
Horace Greeley arrives in Sacramento on his tour of the West
Nevada voters confirm the constitution for their unorganized territory by referendum
Horace Greeley arrives home in New York City after his tour of the West
The Legislature of the unorganized territory of Nevada meets for the first and last time in Genoa
House of Representatives passes the Homestead Bill
The eastward and westward riders of the first run of the Pony Express cross paths somewhere in Utah
The first east to west run of the Pony Express arrives at Carson City, Nevada
J. W. Richardson rides into St. Joseph, Missouri ending the first west to east run of the Pony Express
In Nevada, the Paiute War begins with the wiping out of the Pony Express stop at Williams Station
The U.S. Senate passes its version of the Homestead Bill
In Nevada, Paiute Indians wipe out a poorly organized white militia at the Battle of Big Bend
The Homestead Bill of 1860 passes both houses and is sent to the President for signature
President Buchanan vetoes the Homestead Bill of 1860
The sternwheeler "Chippewa" reaches Fort Benton on the Upper Missouri
In Texas, Oliver Loving sets out on the first cattle drive into the Colorado Territory
Telegraph lines continue to cross the Nebraska Territory with the opening of the Omaha office
- In Idaho, an emigrant wagon train attacked and scattered by Indians
Golden become the capital of the unsanctioned "Territory of Jefferson"
President Buchanan signs the Colorado Territory into existence
President Buchanan signs the Nevada Territory into existence
President Lincoln signs the Homestead Act
The Homestead Act comes into effect
Congress authorizes the formation of the Idaho Territory
- In Montana, Crow Indians attack the fifteen men of John Stuart's Big Horn Expedition killing several
In Idaho, the future territorial and state capital city of Boise is founded
In Nebraska, the Union Pacific Railroad construction begins on the western side of the Missouri
In Montana, four prospectors find significant gold deposits in what they call "Last Chance Gulch"
The 1866 shipment of "Mercer Girls" departs New York City for Washington Territory
In Nebraska Territory, John Taffe is elected to become the first U.S. Representative from the new state.
The U.S. Congress authorizes an Indian Peace Commission to negotiate with hostile Plains Indian tribes.
The Indian Peace Commission, newly appointed to negotiate with hostile Plains Indian tribes, organizes in St. Louis, Missouri.
The Indian Peace Commission meets with Sioux tribal leaders near Fort Thompson in South Dakota.
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