Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn, N. Y. City and seat of justice of Kings co., on the W. end of Long Island, separated by the East River from the S. part of the city of New York. Population in 1810, 4402; in 1820, 7175; in 1830, 15,396; in 1840, 36,233; in 1850, 96,838. During the last twenty years, since the habitable part of New York has been extending, and becoming more and more remote from the seat of business, the population of Brooklyn has increased with unexampled rapidity. It is connected with New York, in the very district where the heaviest commerce lies, by a number of steam ferries, which are from 700 to 750 yards wide, and are crossed in four or five minutes by boats which ply continually between the two cities.... (Gazetteer of the United States of America, 1854)

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"Slave auction" at Rev. Henry Ward Beecher's Brooklyn church frees nine-year old slave girl Religion/Philosophy
Annual "renting of the pews" at Rev. Beecher's Plymouth Church in Brooklyn brings record return Religion/Philosophy
At the Brooklyn Naval Yard, the United States Navy launches its latest frigate, the wooden screw steamer "Madawaska" Science/Technology
At the Plymouth Church in Brooklyn, Wendell Phillips praises John Brown in a speech Legal/Political
At the Union Grounds in Brooklyn, the Atlantic baseball club defeats the Eckford Club 35-8 Education/Culture
Bargains are the order of the day as the Navy sells thirty vessels by auction at the Brooklyn Navy-Yard Business/Industry
Brooklyn celebrates the completion of its ambitious scheme to supply the city with running water Science/Technology
Brooklyn Excelsiors leave on the first baseball tour Education/Culture
Crowding and spectator disturbances at the Philadelphia Athletics end with the game being called. Education/Culture
Famous navy veteran is laid to rest in the Brooklyn Naval Cemetery Battles/Soldiers
Fireworks factory blows up in Brooklyn and several lives are lost Crime/Disasters
First enclosed baseball ground in the country opens in Brooklyn Education/Culture
Frederick Douglass speaks at the Academy of Music in Brooklyn Campaigns/Elections
Gail Borden applies for a patent for the production of commercial condensed milk Science/Technology
Gail Borden receives his patent for the production of commercial condensed milk Science/Technology
George Steers, famous maritime designer, dies in Brooklyn, New York, aged 35 Personal
Henry Ward Beecher's church members welcome him home from a lengthy trip to Europe Religion/Philosophy
High winds inflict heavy damage on the unfinished Brooklyn Academy of Music, injuring several workers Crime/Disasters
In baseball news, the Philadelphia Athletic Club touring team visits New York City Education/Culture
In baseball, Brooklyn's touring Excelsior Club defeats Flour City of Rochester, New York 21 to 1 Education/Culture
In baseball, Brooklyn's touring Excelsior Club defeats Live Oak of Rochester, New York 29 to 9 Education/Culture
In baseball, Brooklyn's touring Excelsior Club defeats Niagara Club in Buffalo 51 to 19 Education/Culture
In baseball, the Brooklyn Excelsior continue their tour with a game in Philadelphia Education/Culture
In baseball, the Brooklyn Excelsior visits the Baltimore Excelsior Education/Culture
In baseball, two Brooklyn clubs fight out a close game, 17-15 Education/Culture
In Brooklyn baseball, a massive crowd watches the Atlantics beat the Excelsiors Education/Culture
In Brooklyn baseball, the Excelsior vs. Atlantic game is abandoned as a draw due to crowd trouble Education/Culture
In Brooklyn, five New York firefighters die in a massive early morning fire Crime/Disasters
In Brooklyn, New York's 90th Infantry are honored with a full city parade on their return home. Battles/Soldiers
In Brooklyn, the visiting Athletic Baseball Club of Philadelphia defeats the Resolute Club of Brooklyn 39-14. Education/Culture
In New York City, mid-winter cold produces an ice bridge in the East River between Manhattan and Brooklyn. Science/Technology
In New York City, the new Brooklyn Academy of Music is inaugurated with a Grand Ball Education/Culture
In New York's East River, a Brooklyn ferry burns but all aboard are saved. Crime/Disasters
In Philadelphia, rain cuts short the Atlantic-Athletics baseball series decider with the visitors leading. Education/Culture
Large and fatal fire sweeps through the kerosene storage warehouses on the Brooklyn waterfront Crime/Disasters
Militia and police in New York City respond to rumors of an assault on the Brooklyn Naval Yard Battles/Soldiers
Moses Odell, influential New York Democrat and friend of Abraham Lincoln, dies of cancer in Brooklyn. Personal
New York U.S. Congressman James Humphrey dies suddenly at his home in Brooklyn. Personal
One man killed and others hurt in an explosion aboard a Spanish naval vessel in the Brooklyn Navy Yard Crime/Disasters
School building burns in Brooklyn and six small boys lose their lives Crime/Disasters
Second game in Philadelphia Athletics and Brooklyn Atlantic series ends with victory for the visitors. Education/Culture
Seven killed in a boiler explosion in a Brooklyn, New York hat factory Crime/Disasters
Strong winds damage buildings in Washington, D.C., Baltimore, and New York City Crime/Disasters
The Philadelphia Athletic Club's baseball tour of New York continues with another victory in Brooklyn Education/Culture
The U.S. Navy's Admiral Louis Goldsborough sails to take command of the European Squadron Battles/Soldiers
Train derails after hitting a cow near Brooklyn, New York and a fireman is killed Crime/Disasters
Two of the country's best baseball clubs meet in Philadelphia with Brooklyn's "Atlantics" victorious Education/Culture
Wife of Henry Ward Beecher has narrow escape in carriage accident Personal
With impressive ceremony in Brooklyn, 3000 Long Island veterans are presented with service medals Battles/Soldiers
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Coney Island, NY Location or Site
Fort Hamilton, NY Location or Site
Fort Lafayette, NY Location or Site
Gravesend, NY Location or Site
Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY Location or Site
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