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Date Title Type
The Running of Slaves Newspaper
Boston (MA) Courier, “Runaway Slave Decision,” June 25, 1849 Newspaper
Carlisle (PA) Herald, “Interesting Decision,” June 27, 1849 Newspaper
Carlisle (PA) Herald, "In the Surpreme Court of Penn'a," June 27, 1849 Newspaper
Boston (MA) Emancipator & Republican, “Important Decision,” June 28, 1849 Newspaper
Abraham Lincoln to John M. Clayton, July 28, 1849 Letter
James Buchanan to John M. Read, August 18, 1849 Letter
Diary of William Quesenbury Claytor, September 23, 1849 Diary
The Professor's Horse Newspaper
Charleston (SC) Mercury, "Secret Societies in Colleges," January 7, 1850 Newspaper
Charleston (SC) Mercury, "More Runaway Slaves," January 10, 1850 Newspaper
Mr. Clay's Compromise on the Slavery Question Newspaper
New York Herald, “Mr. Clay's Compromise, and the Cabinet,” February 1, 1850 Newspaper
Our Washington Correspondence Newspaper
Mr. Calhoun's Speech Newspaper
Fugitive Slaves - Complaints of the Southern States Newspaper
The Fugitive Bill Newspaper
Letter from Alexander Kelly McClure to Eli Slifer, August 21, 1850 Letter
Boston (MA) Advertiser, "Extradition of Fugitive Slaves," March 23, 1850 Newspaper
Surrender of Fugitive Slaves Newspaper