Colonel Charles R. Jennison, Proclamation to the People of Eastern Missouri, November 26, 1861

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     Reprinted in Frank Moore, ed., The Rebellion Record: A Diary of American Events, with Documents, Narratives, Illustrative Incidents, Poetry, Etc. (New York: G.P.Putnam, 1861), III: 432-433.
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    The following text is presented here in complete form, as it originally appeared in print. Spelling and typographical errors have been preserved as in the original.
    To the People of Jackson, Lafayette, Cass, Johnson, and Pettit Counties, Mo. :
    I have come among you with my command, under the authority of the General Government, for the purpose of protecting the supply trains, and all other property of the United States Government, and for the purpose of throwing a shield of protection and defence around all men who are loyal to that Government.
    No excesses will be committed by any soldier in my command.
    We march to enforce the laws and sustain the Government. Every loyal citizen is expected to give evidence of his loyalty by active efforts for the protection of the flag. For four months our armies have marched through your country; yonr professed friendship has been a fraud; your oaths of allegiance have been shams and perjuries. Yon feed the rebel army, you act as spies, while claiming to be true to the Union. We do not care about your past political opinions; no man will be persecuted because he differs from us. But neutrality is ended. If you are patriots you must fight; if you are traitors you will be punished.
    The time for fighting has come. Every man who feeds, harbors, protects, or in any way gives aid and comfort to the enemies of the Union, will be held responsible for his treason with his life and property. While all the property of Union men and all their rights will be religiously respected, traitors will everywhere be treated as outlaws —enemies of God and man, too base to hold any description of property, and having no rights which loyal men are bound to respect. The last dollar and the last slave of rebels will be taken and turned over to the General Government.
    Playing war is played out, and whenever Union troops are fired upon the answer will boom from cannon, and desolation will follow treason. Loyal citizens will be fully remunerated for all property taken from them for the use of the army.
    All the land between Fort Leavenworth and the head-quarters of the army of the West is under the jurisdiction of the United States, and we propose to have a regular road over it and sore communication through it, no matter at what cost of rebel treasure and blood.
    It is hoped that you will see the necessity of abiding by the laws and actively sustaining them. But if you raise an arm against the Government we have sworn to protect, the course I have briefly marked out I will follow to the letter. 
    C. R. Jennison,
    Col. Com. First Kansas Cavalry.
    Kansas City, Mo, 26th.
    To all Persons in Arms against the Government in Jackson, Johnson, Lafayette, and Pettit Counties :
    1st. All who are now in arms against the Government of the United States in the above-named counties, and who will surrender their arms and ammunition to me and deliver to me all Government property in their possession and under their control within reasonable time, and shall sign a deed of forfeiture, and shall hereafter perform their duty as good and loyal citizens, shall not be held responsible for past acts of rebellion, but shall be protected in their lives and property.
    2d. Arms which are thus surrendered to me shall be stored and taken account of, so that when the present difficulties are settled, the owners thereof can obtain them. 
    3d. Persons who shall surrender themselves to me in order to make arrangements for securing peace to their neighborhoods, shall be respected in their rights while arranging or attempting to arrange any terms, and shall be allowed to return to their homes, even should they, after a conference, fail to come to any arrangements or understanding. 
    4th. All who shall disregard these propositions, and shall continue in armed rebellion against the government of the United States, shall be treated as traitors, and slain wherever found; their property shall be confiscated, their houses burned, and in no caso will any be spared either in person or property, who refuses to accept these propositions.
    The deed of forfeiture accompanying these propositions conveys all real and personal property, including present and future acquisitions, into the hands of the Government, said property to be used for the benefit of the Government. In case of a rebellion, all loyal citizens are required to enrol themselves, amenable to the military authorities of the United States and of the State of Missouri, pledging their utmost exertions to maintain its authority against all hostile combinations.
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