Note Cards


Date Event
01/01/1841 Supreme Court finds in favor of The Schooner Amistad
06/02/1847 The McClintock Riot takes place in Carlisle, Pennsylvania
07/26/1847 Joseph Jenkins Roberts declares the creation of the independent Republic of Liberia
08/25/1847 The McClintock Riot trial is held in Carlisle, Pennsylvania
01/03/1848 Joseph Jenkins Roberts inaugurated as the first president of newly independent Liberia
04/27/1848 The new republican government of France declares all slaves in French colonies to be free
07/02/1848 Danish government plans a ten-year abolition in the Danish West Indies but local slaves demand immediate freedom
12/21/1848 Daniel Gott of New York introduces his resolution to ban slavery in the District of Columbia
01/11/1849 The U.S. Congress reverses the Gott Resolution to ban slavery in the District of Columbia
09/04/1850 Brazil outlaws the slave trade, without freeing existing slaves
01/01/1852 Abolition of slavery in Columbia completed
01/01/1852 Great Britain and the King of Lagos sign a treaty intended to abolish the Nigerian slave trade
10/01/185410/01/1856 Moncure Conway serves as minister at Unitarian Church in Washington, D.C.
09/22/1856 William Walker's filibuster government in Nicaragua repeals the abolition of slavery in that country
11/24/1856 South Carolina Governor James Adams calls for the reinstitution of the African slave trade
08/21/1858 U.S. Navy captures American slaveship with 318 slaves aboard
08/27/1858 Captured American slaveship arrives in Charleston Harbor with 318 slaves aboard
08/29/1858 The 318 slaves from a captured American slave ship are landed at Castle Pinckney, in Charleston Harbor
09/20/1858 The U.S.S. Niagara sails from Charleston for Liberia carrying the Africans freed from the slave ship Echo
10/23/1858 The dispute between France and Portugal over the slave ship "Charles-et-Georges" is settled
10/25/1858 Senator Seward gives his famous "irrepressible conflict" speech in Rochester, New York
11/06/1858 Samuel Eli Cornish, pioneer black journalist and abolitionist, dies in Brooklyn
01/27/1859 The 27th Annual Meeting of the Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society is held in Boston
02/01/185902/02/1859 The New York State Anti-Slavery Convention meets in Albany and advocates the dissolution of the Union
02/28/1859 New Arkansas law offers free black residents choice between exile or enslavement
03/13/1859 Public meeting of Methodists in north Texas protests the influence of northern abolitionist preachers in the Church
04/05/1859 The first trial of the Oberlin-Wellington slave rescuers opens in federal court in Cleveland, Ohio
04/06/185904/14/1859 The federal trial of Oberlin-Wellington rescuer Simeon Bushnell continues in Cleveland, Ohio
04/15/1859 Oberlin-Wellington rescuer Simeon Bushnell is found guilty in a Cleveland federal court
04/18/1859 The trial of Oberlin-Wellington rescuer Charles Langston opens in the federal court in Cleveland, Ohio
04/19/185905/09/1859 The trial of Oberlin-Wellington rescuer Charles Langston continues in the federal court in Cleveland, Ohio
05/08/1859 Fugitive slave stowaway Columbus Jones arrives in chains at Hyannis, Massachusetts
05/09/1859 A commercial convention focusing on the slave trade opens in Vicksburg, Mississippi
05/09/1859 Fugitive slave stowaway Columbus Jones returned to the South from Massachusetts
05/09/185905/19/1859 The Southern Commercial Convention is meeting in Vicksburg, Mississippi with slavery high on the agenda
05/10/185905/18/1859 A commercial convention focusing on the slave trade is meeting in Vicksburg, Mississippi
05/10/1859 Oberlin-Wellington rescuer Charles Langston is found guilty under the Fugitive Slave Law in Cleveland
05/12/1859 Oberlin-Wellington rescuer Charles Langston is sentenced to twenty days in jail
05/19/1859 The Vicksburg Convention focusing on the slave trade closes with a vote to end restrictions on the African slave trade
05/28/1859 Governor Wickliffe of Louisiana orders the disbanding of civilian Vigilance Committees in the state.
06/09/1859 Maryland holds a Slaveholder's Convention with representatives from almost every county
07/09/1859 In Britain a legal judgment confirms that no British subject or company may own or sell slaves abroad
09/13/1859 Former California Supreme Court Judge Terry shoots California Senator Broderick in a duel over slavery in the state
09/16/1859 California Senator David Broderick dies of a wound received in a duel three days earlier over slavery in the state
10/18/1859 Louisville Conference of the Methodist Church votes to permit slave owning among its members
10/28/185910/29/1859 Mob destroys the office of Abolitionist newspaper in Newport, Kentucky
11/11/1859 Suspected American slaveship returned under naval guard to New York
11/18/1859 All defendants in the Columbus Jones kidnapping case acquitted in Massachusetts
12/10/1859 Mayor of Philadelphia warns of rioting should abolitionist speech go ahead
12/12/1859 Dion Boucicault's controversial play about slavery opens at the Winter Garden Theater in New York City
12/15/1859 Abolitionist lecture delivered successfully in Philadelphia as police and rioters battle outside the hall
12/16/1859 John Rogers finds no New York art dealer will display his new sculpture on slavery
12/17/1859 Georgia legislature passes law enabling the sale into slavery of free blacks indicted for vagrancy
01/03/1860 Nebraska legislature votes to abolish slavery in the territory
01/09/1860 Territorial Governor Samuel W. Black vetoes the Nebraska bill to abolish slavery
01/11/1860 Missouri state house passes bill expelling free blacks from the state
01/13/1860 Slave-mart collapses in Memphis, Tennessee and four "valuable negro men" die
02/02/1860 Mississippi Legislature kills bill to abolish legal prohibition of import of slaves from Africa
02/05/1860 "Slave auction" at Rev. Henry Ward Beecher's Brooklyn church frees nine-year old slave girl
02/14/1860 Royal Navy turns over suspected American slaveship to the United States Navy
03/07/1860 Fanny Kemble gives her final stage reading in Boston
03/29/186003/30/1860 Daniel Worth convicted of selling Helper's inflammatory anti-slavery book in North Carolina
04/05/1860 Book-burning takes place in South Carolina during trial of man for circulating anti-slavery literature
04/26/1860 U.S. Navy captures American slave ship off the coast of Cuba with 507 African slaves aboard
04/30/1860 U.S. Navy delivers captured American slave ship with 507 African slaves aboard to Key West, Florida
05/01/186005/02/1860 In Charleston, South Carolina, sympathizers briefly rescue indicted slave ship officer from jail
05/06/186005/07/1860 Two South Carolina slaves stow away aboard Boston bound steamer; one escapes, one does not
05/09/1860 U.S. Navy captures Baltimore owned slave ship off Cuban coast with five hundred slaves aboard
05/10/1860 Theodore Parker, famous abolitionist and member of the "Secret Six," dies in Florence, Italy
05/16/1860 In Buffalo, NY, the Methodist Annual Conference hears from its Committee on Slavery
05/19/1860 President Buchanan asks Congress for funding to transport rescued African slaves to Liberia
05/21/1860 In Charleston, South Carolina, Charles Lamar and others are fined $250 for obstructing federal justice
05/21/1860 Purser of slave ship Wanderer goes on trial in Charleston, South Carolina for piracy
05/23/1860 U.S. Navy captures unregistered slave ship off the north coast of Cuba
05/24/1860 U.S. Government contracts with American Colonization Society to transport rescued African slaves to Liberia
05/29/1860 In Buffalo, NY, Methodist Annual Conference declines to make slave holding a crime of the church
06/01/1860 Maryland's law banning all manumission of slaves comes into effect
06/02/1860 Governor of Ohio refuses extradition request of Tennessee for two "negro-stealers"
06/05/1860 Virginia Republican arrested for circulating anti-southern literature
07/08/1860 In Alabama, the last Africa slaves transported and sold on United States soil landed on the Mobile River
07/08/1860 In Texas, devastating fires strike Dallas and other parts of Denton County
07/11/1860 In a fiery speech, Senator Sumner predicts slavery will one day die as "a poisoned rat dies in its hole"
07/15/1860 First American Colonization Society charter ship transporting rescued Africans to Liberia sails from Key West, Florida
07/17/1860 Texas newspaper editor accuses abolitionists of planning to launch a slave revolt in the state
07/18/1860 Breckinridge supporter John Brown Gordon tells college students slavery is "the hand-maid of civil liberty"
07/19/1860 American Colonization Society charter ship transporting rescued Africans to Liberia sails from Key West, Florida
07/23/1860 U.S. Navy captures New Orleans owned slave ship off the coast of Cuba
07/26/1860 The Republic of Liberia celebrates the thirteenth anniversary of its independence
08/10/1860 Royal Navy capture American-built slave ship "Sunny South" off Mozambique
09/13/1860 Reverend Anthony Bewley, a white Methodist preacher, lynched in Fort Worth, Texas
09/19/1860 T.D. Rice, black-face minstrel originator of the "Jim Crow" character, dies in New York City
11/12/1860 In Charleston, South Carolina, all charges in the Wanderer slave ship case are dropped
12/13/1860 In Philadelphia, a speech by visiting abolitionist is postponed due to threats of violence
12/16/1860 Wendell Phillips speaks against mobs in Boston and almost causes a riot
12/19/1860 Mississippi secession commissioner tells a large Baltimore crowd that "slavery was ordained by God"
12/27/1860 In the United States Senate, Albert G. Brown of Mississippi insists on the definition of slaves as property
01/01/1861 Alabama's secession commissioner warns Delaware of slave insurrection under Republican rule
01/11/1861 In Rochester, New York, a pro-compromise pro-Union crowd breaks up an abolition meeting
02/27/1861 The Washington Peace Conference presents its proposals to the U.S. Congress
03/21/1861 In Georgia, Vice-President A.H. Stephens pronounces slavery the foundation of the new Confederacy
03/29/1861 The Philadelphia Methodist Conference urges withdrawal of the Church's new "discipline" on slavery
04/05/1861 Richmond newspaper editorial defends slavery as a vital financial need for Virginia
05/26/1861 Union General Benjamin Butler declares slaves as "contraband of war"
07/22/1861 In Congress, John J. Crittenden introduces his half of a resolution limiting Union war aims
08/06/1861 Great Britain declares Lagos (Nigeria) to be a Crown colony
08/06/1861 President Lincoln signs the First Confiscation Act authorizing the seizure of slaves aiding the Confederacy
10/01/1861 Moncure Conway publishes "The Rejected Stone" arguing for emancipation
02/21/1862 Slave ship captain Nathaniel Gordon executed in New York City as a pirate for slave trading
03/06/1862 President Lincoln suggests to Congress ways gradually to end slavery in the United States
03/13/1862 A new Article of War forbids the military to return escaped slaves to their former owners
04/02/1862 The United States Senate passes President Lincoln's suggested resolution to help end slavery gradually
04/03/1862 On a party line vote, the U.S. Senate votes to abolish slavery in the District of Columbia
04/07/1862 In Rockville, Maryland Unionists meet to denounce the bill to abolish slavery in the District of Columbia
04/11/1862 In Washington D.C., the House passes the bill to abolish slavery in the District of Columbia
04/16/1862 In London, the U.S. Ambassador meets with the British and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society
04/16/1862 Slavery is abolished in the District of Columbia
05/09/1862 Without authority, Union General David Hunter declares all slaves in three states "forever free"
05/15/1862 In the Virginia Senate, Senator R. R. Collier opens debate on the centrality of slavery to the South
05/19/1862 Maryland slaveholders meet President Lincoln to complain about non-enforcement of Fugitive Slave Act
05/19/1862 President Lincoln declares void Union General David Hunter's South Carolina declaration of emancipation
07/01/1862 Moncure Conway liberates his father's slaves
07/01/1862 Moncure Conway publishes "The Golden Hour"
07/17/1862 President Lincoln signs the Second Confiscation Act authorizing freedom for confiscated slaves
09/01/1862 Moncure Conway becomes co-editor of "The Commonwealth, " an anti-slavery journal
04/11/1863 Moncure Conway sails to England to gain support for the Union
05/01/1863 The Confederate Congress outlines dire consequences for black Union soldiers and their white officers
06/07/1863 Union troops ransack the plantation of Jefferson Davis on the Mississippi River below Vicksburg
06/12/1863 General Hunter takes his leave after an eventful year as head of the Department of the South
06/27/1863 Missouri Convention is hammering out a resolution to end slavery and compensate slaveowners
07/01/1863 The Netherlands abolishes African slavery in the Dutch West Indies
04/08/1864 In Washington, the U.S. Senate passes the proposed 13th Amendment to the Constitution, 38-6.
05/31/1864 At the U.S. Capitol, debate begins in the House on the proposed 13th Amendment to the Constitution
06/15/1864 At the U.S. Capitol, the vote in the House on the proposed 13th Amendment to the Constitution fails
06/23/1864 In Washington D.C., the U.S. Senate votes to repeal all remaining Federal Fugitive Slave Acts
10/12/1864 In Maryland, Chief Justice Roger Brooke Taney dies in office
01/31/1865 In Washington D.C., the House of Representatives passes the Thirteen Amendment outlawing slavery
03/10/1865 In South Carolina, teenaged domestic slave Amy Spain is hanged for proclaiming herself free