John L. Scripps to Abraham Lincoln, July 11, 1860

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    John L. Scripps to Abraham Lincoln, July 11, 1860, Chicago, IL, Abraham Lincoln Papers at the Library of Congress,
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    Transcribed by the Lincoln Studies Center, Knox College, Galesburg, IL
    Adapted by Don Sailer, Dickinson College
    The following transcript has been adapted from the Abraham Lincoln Papers at the Library of Congress.
    Chicago, July 11th 1860

    My Dear Sir,

    I owe you a double apology -- first, an apology for not submitting the MS. of the biography to you before taking it to New York; and secondly an apology for having delayed the explanation so long. When I wrote you last, I informed you that Mr Medill had gone to New York with the view of making arrangements to get out the biography, in that city. He made such an arrangement with the Tribune people. They, however, insisted upon two conditions Viz., that the pamphlets should consist of only 31 pages solid matter in double columns, after the style of the campaign life of Fremont which they published in 1856; and secondly that I should not delay an hour in getting to New York with the M.S. Under urgent entreaties from Mr Medill to comply with these conditions, I posted off at once to New York. I had prepared much of the biography with the expectation of getting out a pamphlet of 96 pages. When it was determined to limit its extent to 32 pages, the work had to be pretty much done over again, and I knew there was no time to lose. I intended to get Dr Ray to write you in explanation of my hurried trip to N. Y. and of my failure to take Springfield in the way; and supposed I had done so until since my return home yesterday. The Doctor insists that I made no such request, and I suppose in the hurry of getting away I failed to do so, though it was firmly impressed upon my mind that I had proferred the request. So much by way of explanation and apology.

    The sketch which I have prepared was all in type on Saturday night last. It was to have been stereotyped on Monday and Tuesday. Two sets of plates would be taken -- one for the N. Y. Tribune people, and one for us. We expect ours by Friday. The N. Y. Tribune will probably commence printing their edition tomorrow.

    I think you will find nothing in the biography which will in any respect dismay you or give you pain. Having failed to submit it to you, I was the more careful, and struck out several matters for that reason which perhaps you would have allowed.

    Of course I have been compelled to omit much that I would have got in had we published a longer pamphlet. It is less satisfactory to me also for the reason that I prepared a large part of if for a larger work, and then had to condense and strike out to make it fit. That you will soon see for yourself.

    Very Truly Yours

    J. L. Scripps
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