Harpers Ferry Raid

Note Cards


Date Event
04/30/1858 John Brown arrives in Chatham, Ontario for a series of secret meetings
05/08/1858 At the Chatham Convention in Ontario, John Brown sets up his Provisional Constitution
10/16/1859 John Brown attacks Harpers Ferry
10/17/1859 John Brown's attack on Harpers Ferry continues with the townspeople fighting back
10/18/1859 John Brown's attack on Harpers Ferry ends when Marines storm the Engine House
10/19/1859 John Brown and his surviving raiders are taken to Charlestown, Virginia under heavy guard
10/20/185910/24/1859 John Brown and his fellow prisoners are held at Charlestown, Virginia pending trial
10/25/1859 John Brown appears before a Virginia court for the first time
10/26/1859 John Brown and his fellow prisoners are held at Charlestown pending trial before a Virginia court
10/27/185910/31/1859 John Brown stands trial in Charlestown, Virginia
10/28/185910/29/1859 Mob destroys the office of Abolitionist newspaper in Newport, Kentucky
11/01/1859 At the Plymouth Church in Brooklyn, Wendell Phillips praises John Brown in a speech
11/02/1859 The Commonwealth of Virginia sentences John Brown to death
11/05/1859 John Copeland, African-American Harpers Ferry raider, convicted in Charlestown, Virginia
11/07/1859 Gerrit Smith, one of the "Secret Six," confined in mental institution at Utica, New York
11/08/1859 Mary Brown arrives at James Miller McKim's home in Philadelphia
11/17/1859 Burning haystack panics Virginians anticipating an attempt to rescue John Brown
11/18/1859 Newspaper feud in Nashville over Harpers Ferry results in murder on the street
11/23/1859 Kentucky man sends Governor Wise the rope with which to hang John Brown
11/25/1859 Governor of Virginia warns Governor of Pennsylvania over possible John Brown rescue attempts
11/27/1859 John Brown writes a letter of farewell to his sisters from his cell in Charlestown, Virginia
11/28/1859 President Buchanan rejects Virginia's call for federal forces to police neighboring states
11/29/1859 Colonel Robert E. Lee leads federal troops back to Harpers Ferry to support Virginia's execution of John Brown
11/29/1859 Governor Wise takes over the Winchester and Potomac Railroad in preparation for the execution of John Brown
11/30/1859 John Brown writes his last letter to his family
12/14/1859 U.S. Senate votes unanimously for a committee to investigate the Harpers Ferry Raid
12/16/1859 Four Harpers Ferry raiders hanged in Charlestown, Virginia
12/16/1859 John Rogers finds no New York art dealer will display his new sculpture on slavery
12/18/1859 William Lloyd Garrison writes to a friend about the impact of John Brown's death.
12/20/1859 Southern students from Philadelphia's medical schools meet and vote to leave for the South
12/21/1859 Southern students make a mass exodus from Philadelphia's medical schools
12/22/1859 Governor Wise of Virginia meets with southern medical students returned from Philadelphia
01/02/1860 Governor Chase of Ohio responds to Virginia Governor Wise's accusations against his northern neighbors
01/10/1860 Cassius Clay speaks for more than three hours from the Capitol steps in Frankfort, Kentucky
02/01/1860 Hazlett and Stevens, the last of John Brown's captured co-conspirators, go on trial in Virginia
02/01/1860 Thaddeus Hyatt arrives in Washington but defies the Senate Harpers Ferry Committee
02/04/1860 Aaron Stevens found guilty in Virginia for his part in Harpers Ferry Raid
02/11/1860 Albert Hazlett convicted of murder in Charlestown, Virginia
02/13/1860 Stevens and Hazlett, the last of the convicted Harpers Ferry raiders, sentenced to hang
02/16/1860 Senate Committee investigating Harpers Ferry issues warrant for arrest of Frank Sanborn
02/21/1860 The U.S. Senate orders arrest of Thaddeus Hyatt for failure to appear before Harpers Ferry Committee
03/02/1860 Oliver Brown's young widow dies in childbirth at North Elba, New York
03/05/1860 Governor of Virginia requests Ohio for the extradition of two Harpers Ferry Raiders
03/08/1860 Governor of Ohio refuses the extradition of two Harpers Ferry Raiders to Virginia
03/12/1860 The U.S. Senate imprisons Thaddeus Hyatt for failure to appear before Harpers Ferry Committee
03/16/1860 Virginia executes Harpers Ferry raiders Albert Hazlett and Aaron Dwight Stevens
04/02/1860 Virginia State legislature finishes its 1859-1860 session
04/03/1860 Local officials foil U.S. Senate attempt to arrest Frank Sanborn for failure to appear to testify on Harpers Ferry
05/10/1860 Theodore Parker, famous abolitionist and member of the "Secret Six," dies in Florence, Italy
06/15/1860 After more than three months, the U.S. Senate releases Thaddeus Hyatt from the Washington Jail
12/03/1860 Abolitionist meeting to commemorate John Brown broken up in Boston
09/03/1861 Southern saboteurs cause the wreck of a civilian express train in Missouri, killing twenty