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    David Wilmot’s Speech in the House of Representatives, Washington, DC, August 3, 1848
    New York Herald, “Mr. Clay's Compromise, and the Cabinet,” February 1, 1850
    Rebecca Jones to William Still, October 18, 1856
    Washington (DC) National Era, "The Future Judged by the Past," January 1, 1857
    Charleston (SC) Mercury, "The Fate and the Folly of Compromises," May 25, 1857
    Washington (DC) National Era, “Slavery in Oregon,” August 13, 1857
    New York Times, “The Financial Panic,” September 14, 1857
    Cumberland (MD) Democratic Allegiance, "The Mormon War," November 28, 1857
    New Orleans (LA) Picayune, “Mammoth California Trees,” December 13, 1857
    New York Herald, "The Kansas Trouble in Congress," January 3, 1858
    New York Herald, "Kansas," January 4, 1858
    Charleston (SC) Mercury, "A Noble Confession," February 27, 1858
    Chicago (IL) Press and Tribune, "The Passage at Arms between Lincoln and Douglas in 1854," July 1, 1858
    New York Times, "The American Gold Fields," July 2, 1858
    Boston (MA) Flag of Our Union, "The Mormon War," July 3, 1858
    (St. Louis) Missouri Republican, "On the Way to Arizonia," July 25, 1858
    New York Times, "Quasi Ratification of the Cass-Herran Treaty," July 28, 1858
    New York Herald, "Newly Discovered Gold Mines," August 12, 1858
    John W. Shaffer to Abraham Lincoln, August 17, 1858
    (St. Louis) Missouri Republican, “Overland Route to Stockton,” September 12, 1858
    New York Times, “Health of New Orleans,” November 2, 1858
    (St. Louis) Missouri Republican, “Military,” November 14, 1858
    New York Herald, “Gen. Walker Submitting to a ‘Legal Experiment,’” November 19, 1858
    Boston (MA) Flag of Our Union, “Uncle Sam’s Farm,” December 11, 1858
    New York Times, “From Kansas and Pikes Peak,” December 15, 1858
    Charleston (SC) Mercury, “Present and Future Territories,” January 7, 1859
    New York Herald, “The Gila Gold Mines,” January 16, 1859
    New York Times, “Boundaries of Oregon,” February 21, 1859
    New York Times, “A Slave State on the Pacific,” May 13, 1859
    Fayetteville (NC) Observer, “Gold Hunters,” May 23, 1859
    New York Herald, “The Pike’s Peak Delusion,” May 29, 1859
    Fayetteville (NC) Observer, “Caught,” June 27, 1859
    New York Herald, “Horace Greeley and His Pike’s Peak Humbuggery,” July 10, 1859
    San Francisco (CA) Evening Bulletin, “Arrival of Horace Greeley,” July 30, 1859
    Abraham Lincoln's Speech at Beloit, Wisconsin, October 1, 1859
    Lowell (MA) Citizen & News, “The Why and Because,” October 5, 1859
    New York Herald, “Emigration to California,” November 13, 1859
    William T. Sherman to Ellen Sherman, December 12, 1859
    New York Herald, “Swindles Practiced Upon California Passengers,” January 15, 1860
    Cleveland (OH) Herald, “Buckeyes Swindled,” February 21, 1860
    Lowell (MA) Citizen & News, “Kellogg on Douglas,” March 17, 1860
    California Legislature, An Act To Protect Female Children, March 17, 1860
    Atchison (KS) Freedom’s Champion, “The Charleston Convention,” May 12, 1860
    San Francisco (CA) Evening Bulletin, “The Only Way to Bring the Steamship Companies to their Senses,” June 5, 1860
    New York Herald, “The California Mails,” July 1, 1860
    Chicago (IL) Press and Tribune, “Shabby Treatment,” July 7, 1860
    Jole Johnson to Abraham Lincoln, July 27, 1860
    New York Herald, “'Honest Old Abe' and His Cabinet,” August 14, 1860
    (Montpelier) Vermont Patriot, "California for Douglas," August 25, 1860
    San Francisco (CA) Evening Bulletin, "The Pony Express," September 26, 1860
    William T. Sherman to Ellen Sherman, November 23, 1860
    San Francisco (CA) Evening Bulletin, "Complaints Against the Oregon Overland Mail," November 30, 1860
    San Francisco (CA) Evening Bulletin, "Change of the Schedule Time of the Pony Express," December 4, 1860
    Bangor (ME) Whig and Courier, “Have We a Traitor at the Head,” December 25, 1860
    Cleveland (OH) Herald, “Letter From Virginia,” January 2, 1861
    Cleveland (OH) Herald, “Spirit of Washington Letters,” March 25, 1861
    San Francisco (CA) Evening Bulletin, “Prospects of the Speedy Completion of the Pacific Telegraph,” March 27, 1861
    Boston (MA) Herald, “Union in California,” May 13, 1861
    Richmond (VA) Dispatch, “New European Views of the South,” May 17, 1861
    San Francisco (CA) Evening Bulletin, “Disreputable Weapons of Political Warfare,” June 27, 1861
    New York Herald, “The Pacific Telegraph Line,” October 21, 1861
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