Vicksburg Campaign

    Date Event
    At the Big Black River Bridge, Union troops sweep aside a blocking force covering the Confederate retreat to Vicksburg
    On the Mississippi, the Union's Army of the Tennessee completely surrounds Vicksburg
    The Union's Army of the Tennessee attempts the storming of Vicksburg but is beaten back
    Second Union attempt to take Vicksburg by infantry assault ends in bloody failure with 500 dead
    Twenty-nine year old Union Brigade commander George Boomer dies at the head of his troops
    The Union Army's Marine Brigade burns the town of Austin, Mississippi for sheltering rebel forces
    After twice failing to storm the city, Union General Grant orders a siege at Vicksburg, Mississippi
    - In Mississippi, the Siege of Vicksburg continues
    Off Vicksburg, the U.S.S. Cincinnati is sunk with heavy losses as six men win Medals of Honor
    General Ulysses S. Grant fires his troublesome and ambitious subordinate, James A. McClernand
    At Vicksburg, a large mine is exploded under defenses but an attempt at a Union breakthrough fails
    After forty-seven days of intense siege, Vicksburg surrenders to Grant's Army of the Tennessee
    At the port town of Helena, Arkansas, defenders inflict heavy losses on a Confederate assault
    With the Mississippi River open again to traffic, the steamboat Imperial departs St Louis for New Orleans
    Union troops occupy Natchez, Mississippi, further ensuring the opening of the Mississippi River
    The steamboat Imperial arrives in New Orleans from St. Louis, the first since early 1861
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