Norfolk, VA

Place Unit Type
City or Town
Containing Unit
Date Type
Altercation on board U.S. Navy prize leads to four sailors arrested for mutiny Crime/Disasters
In Hampton Roads, the Virginia and the Monitor pound each other in the first ever battle between ironclads Battles/Soldiers
In Norfolk, Virginia, African-Americans rally to celebrate congressional action on the Civil Rights Bill Campaigns/Elections
In Richmond, the Confederate Navy convenes a court of inquiry over the destruction of the Merrimac Battles/Soldiers
In Richmond, the Confederate Navy court of inquiry into the scuttling of the Merrimac makes its report Battles/Soldiers
- In South Carolina, the U.S. South Atlantic Blockading Squadron takes Port Royal by naval bombardment Battles/Soldiers
In Virginia, a Union amphibious operation forces the surrender of Norfolk and its naval installations Battles/Soldiers
In Virginia, the famous and feared Confederate ironclad "Merrimac" is burned to avoid its capture Battles/Soldiers
Jefferson Davis declares martial law in and around the Virginia towns of Norfolk and Portsmouth Lawmaking/Litigating
Jefferson Davis declares martial law in the Richmond area and also bans the production of spirits Lawmaking/Litigating
Largest U.S. Fleet ever assembled sails from Norfolk, Virginia to blockade and harass the Confederate coast Battles/Soldiers
Near Norfolk, Virginia, a veteran U.S. Navy frigate burns and sinks at her moorings Crime/Disasters
Off Norfolk, Virginia, President Lincoln observes a bombardment of Confederate positions Battles/Soldiers
Off Norfolk, Virginia, the ironclad C.S.S. Virginia leads an attack that cripples the Union blockading fleet Battles/Soldiers
Oldest living former United States Senator dies in Norfolk, Virginia Personal
Passenger steamer bound for Havana disabled off Cape Hatteras, North Carolina Crime/Disasters
Passengers from the stricken steamer Quaker City landed safely in Norfolk, Virginia Crime/Disasters
Secretary of Navy orders U.S.S. Brooklyn to prepare to sail from Hampton Roads in Virginia Battles/Soldiers
- Serious civil disturbances rock Norfolk, Virginia, bringing federal troops to restore order Crime/Disasters
Steamship from Norfolk to Baltimore burns with one passenger and a crewman lost Crime/Disasters
The controversially captured raider C.S.S. Florida sinks off Norfolk, Virginia after a collision Battles/Soldiers
The cornerstone of the Soldiers' Monument is laid at Hampton National Cemetery in Virginia. Battles/Soldiers
- The South Atlantic Blockading Squadron runs into a storm on its way to South Carolina and ships are lost Crime/Disasters
Date Title
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