Cincinnati, OH


Cincinnati, O. City, port of entry, and seat of justice of Hamilton co. Situated in the southwestern part of the state, on the N. side of the Ohio River, opposite to the mouth of Licking River, which comes inhere from Kentucky. It is 116 miles S. W. from Columbus, the capital of the state, and 494 above the mouth of the Ohio. The rapid growth of Cincinnati has been remarkable. The population in 1800 was 750; in 1810, 2540; in 1820, 9642; in 1830, 24,831; in 1840, 46,338; in 1850, 115,338. (Gazetteer of the United States of America, 1854)

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    City or Town
    Containing Unit
    Date Type
    "Peep Show" machine patented in Cincinnati, Ohio Science/Technology
    A July heatwave continues across the eastern United States Science/Technology
    A massive fire in Cincinnati, Ohio destroys the famous 1859 Pike's Opera House and other buildings Crime/Disasters
    - A Military Commission tries Clement Vallandigham in Cincinnati for "disloyal sentiments and opinions" Lawmaking/Litigating
    Baggage master killed in the wreck of a Michigan Central passenger train near Chicago Crime/Disasters
    Catholic Bishop accosted and wounded by highwaymen near Cincinnati, Ohio Crime/Disasters
    Cincinnati city solicitor Rutherford B. Hayes and his wife set out on a tour of the East Education/Culture
    Congressman Clement Vallandigham applies for a writ of "Habeus Corpus" in a Cincinnati court Lawmaking/Litigating
    Congressman Clement Vallandigham denied a writ of "Habeas Corpus" in a Cincinnati court Lawmaking/Litigating
    Earthquake shakes Virginia, North Carolina, and Ohio Crime/Disasters
    Emerson Conway, second son of Moncure Conway, is born in Cincinnati, Ohio Personal
    Entire legislatures of Kentucky and Tennessee gather in Louisville, Kentucky Business/Industry
    Entire legislatures of Kentucky and Tennessee leave Louisville, Kentucky for Cincinatti, Ohio Lawmaking/Litigating
    Eustace Conway, first son of Moncure Conway, is born in Cincinnati, Ohio Personal
    Famous trotting horse Flora Temple breaks world record for the mile in Kalamazoo, Michigan Education/Culture
    In Atlanta, the purpose-built Storrs School for Freedmen is dedicated. Education/Culture
    In Boone County, Kentucky, white "rangers" beat a freed slave and force him and his family to leave Crime/Disasters
    In Cincinnati District Court, Justice Swayne quashes an indictment for treason on constitutional grounds Lawmaking/Litigating
    In Cincinnati, Ohio, 33 year old Lucy Hobbs becomes the first woman to earn a doctorate in dentistry Education/Culture
    In Cincinnati, the United States Mail Steamboat Company replaces the tubular boilers on its new boat Business/Industry
    In Cincinnati, Wendell Phillips is forced from the stage as he attempts agitate for abolition and disunion Campaigns/Elections
    In Ohio, a Cincinnati mob attempts the lynching of the killers of two city policemen Crime/Disasters
    In Ohio, a late night fire destroys the Cincinnati Academy of Music. Crime/Disasters
    In Ohio, Associate Justice John McLean of the U.S. Supreme Court dies at his home in Cincinnati Lawmaking/Litigating
    In Ohio, two Cincinnati policemen stabbed to death in a city house of prostitution Crime/Disasters
    In Santa Fe, New Mexico Chief Justice John P. Slough dies two days after his wounding by a political rival. Crime/Disasters
    In the early morning hours, soldiers arrest Ohio Congressman C. L. Vallandigham at his home in Dayton Campaigns/Elections
    Large and angry crowds gather in Cincinnati, Ohio to protest the arrest of Congressman Vallandigham Campaigns/Elections
    Moncure Conway marries Ellen Dana in Cincinnati, Ohio Personal
    - Moncure Conway returns to America to conduct a lecture tour Personal
    - Moncure Conway serves as minister at Unitarian Church in Cincinnati, Ohio Personal
    New Mexico Chief Justice John P. Slough is shot and fatally wounded, in Santa Fe. Crime/Disasters
    Official figures state cholera epidemic raging across the country has killed more than 10,000. Crime/Disasters
    - On his American tour, Prince Albert is in Cincinnati, Ohio US/the World
    On the Mississippi, a steamboat explosion kills up to ten people, including Ohio infantrymen heading home Crime/Disasters
    President Lincoln banishes Congressman Clement Vallandigham to the Confederacy Lawmaking/Litigating
    President-Elect Abraham Lincoln visits Columbus, Ohio on his eleven-day pre-inaugural journey Campaigns/Elections
    - Sixth National Women's Rights Convention held in Cincinnati, Ohio Legal/Political
    The annual North American festival of German-American "Turner" clubs is held in Cincinnati, Ohio Education/Culture
    The eighth annual United States Agricultural Society Fair opens in Cincinnati, Ohio Business/Industry
    The Great Western Sanitary Fair opens in Cincinnati, Ohio Campaigns/Elections
    - The legislatures of Kentucky and Tennessee are hosted lavishly in Cincinatti, Ohio Business/Industry
    The legislatures of Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee meet in convention in Columbus, Ohio Business/Industry
    The National Teachers' Association holds its first convention Education/Culture
    The new record-breaking suspension bridge across the Ohio between Cincinnati and Covington officially opens. Science/Technology
    - The Prince of Wales resumes his American tour, visiting St. Louis, Missouri US/the World
    - The Prince of Wales visits Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania US/the World
    Thirteen men die in collapse during demolition of a Catholic church in Cincinnati Crime/Disasters
    Tornadoes in the Ohio Valley cause massive damage and kill more than one hundred and fifty Crime/Disasters
    Residents in 1860
    Name Type
    Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati, OH Location or Site
    Date Title
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